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  • August 20, 2021

    Rengo is Raising the CO2 Emission Reduction Target for "Eco Challenge 2030"

    Rengo Co., Ltd. announces that regarding "fossil energy-derived CO2 emissions," which is an index for "creation of a carbon-free society," and an important issue for the Group's environmental goal "Eco Challenge 2030" to be completed by 2030, we are raising the target from the previous "26% reduction compared to FY 2013" to the new "46% reduction compared to FY 2013". Achieving carbon neutrality in 2050 by advancing greenhouse gas emission reductions as early as possible is a priority issue for the Rengo Group, which has the key concept of "Less is more."
    In order to achieve this new goal, we will incorporate an estimated 35 billion yen into our investment plan and implement the following initiatives.

    1. Conversion of fuel for coal and heavy oil boilers
    2. New installation of biomass boilers
    3. Promotion of introduction of renewable energy such as solar power generation

    Eco Challenge 2030

    Other than "creation of a carbon-free society," "creation of a recycling-oriented society," "improvement of energy efficiency," "creation of products that solve environmental and social issues," "water risk management," and "value chain management (downstream)" are important issues for "Eco Challenge 2030." In addition to reducing its own CO2 emissions, through its business as a packaging provider, Rengo actively promotes the development of compostable and biodegradable packaging materials and sustainable packages, we are working towards realizing a carbon-free society.
    Besides, the breakdown of greenhouse gas emission reduction targets in Japan by field shows that the weight of the household sector is increasing, and it is necessary for each and every citizen to understand and change their behavior along with their business activities. The Rengo Group will carry out educational activities so that employees can think together with their families and reduce CO2 emissions from their homes in order to shift to a carbon-free lifestyle and further raise environmental awareness.
    Under the Rengo Group Environmental Charter, the Rengo Group will work toward achieving its goals and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.