Creativity and Research & Development

Packaging System

We meet sophisticated needs
in automation and labor-saving through
innovative packaging systems.

Packaging Systems

Proposing the most optimal packaging systems
fitting needs down to the details

Rengo supports automation and labor-saving of packaging lines using technology and know-how developed over many years as a comprehensive packaging producer. We pursue the best match between packaging materials and machinery, fitting our customers’ needs with our rich lineup including original packaging machinery developed by us. We propose optimal systems taking into consideration stability, running cost, and even layouts according to the installation space.

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Developing automatic packaging systems leading the times,
including a system capable of adjusting size

In 2013, Rengo developed Gemini, our unique system which automatically adjusts package height according to the size of the merchandise, to meet the rapidly-expanding demand for e-commerce packaging. In 2019, we developed PALMIRA, a system that can adjust all three sides—length, width, and height—to provide optimally-sized packaging. In addition to help significantly reduce the cost of packaging materials and delivery, we also contribute toward reducing storage space and making deliveries efficient.

  • E-Commerce Packaging System
    E-Commerce Packaging System
  • Gemini Packaging System
    Gemini packaging system
    PALMIRA, a system which can adjust length,
    width, and height

Bringing innovation to packaging machinery and
packaging system with collaboration which is only possible
by a comprehensive packaging producer

To put unprecedented innovative packaging machinery and systems to practical use, it is essential to have collaboration between packaging technology units pursuing optimization of package design, research and development units developing adhesives optimized for lines and such, and design units working on improving sales promotion effects. Packaging systems such as L-Lock Tray—which significantly reduces the area of packaging material used—and SD1 box making machine—which enabled milk cartons and so on to be transported using corrugated packaging—are also created through close collaboration and uncountable trials and errors.

  • SD1-L box making machine
    SD1 box making machine
  • SD1-L box making machine
  • L-Lock tray making machine
    L-Lock tray making machine
  • L-Lock tray making machine
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Providing careful and speedy service
from implementation to maintenance

  • Rengo delivers careful and speedy service through our network of 24 locations—including group companies—in Japan, to be able to provide unchanging satisfaction and peace of mind over long periods even after Rengo's packaging machinery and systems have been implemented.

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