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As a pioneer in corrugated products, Rengo creates new products through research and development of raw materials and manufacturing methods

Central Laboratory

Rengo was the first company in Japan to become involved in the corrugated business and has been successful in making one innovative product after another. The driving force behind this is Rengo's research and development structure led by the Central Laboratory. The Central Laboratory carries out research and development in a broad range of fields that deal with Rengo's main products. The research covers an extremely varied field from the realization of a wide range of packaging functions, such as water resistance, moisture proofing and freshness retention, to the development of environmentally friendly products and new functional materials such as Cellgaia. The laboratory also undertakes development of energy-saving and resource-efficient manufacturing methods and waste recycling technology, as well as research involving chemical analysis relating to product safety and quality and environmental analysis aimed at protecting the environment.

Central Laboratory
Central Laboratory

Support provided
R&D relating to paper manufacture
Development of paper recycling technology
Development of environmentally friendly natural strengthening agents
R&D relating to corrugated products
Improvement of functional properties such as strength and printability
Development of functional properties such as water resistance, moisture proofing, freshness retention and insect repelling
R&D relating to folding cartons and flexible packaging
Research relating to function-enhancing coatings and film composites, etc.
R&D relating to new functional materials
Cellgaia zeolite and cellulose fiber composite, etc.
Chemical analysis relating to product safety and quality
Chemical analysis relating to environmental protection

The adhesion rate of zeolite has been dramatically enhanced compared to earlier methods

Earlier products

The zeolite exhibited very low adhesion

Major products developed by the Central Laboratory
ULTRA RENCOAT Water-resistant corrugated board
Damp-proof Moisture-proof corrugated board
SAVINDE Corrugated board with anti-rust protection

Corrugated board for chill and freshness retention

Cellulose beads

Viscopearl Porous cellulose beads

High-function fiber

Cellgaia Highly functional fiber combining zeolite with cellulose fiber