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Growing beyond Packaging through Innovation
“General Packaging Industry (GPI)” Rengo

Chairman, President & CEO Kiyoshi Otsubo Kiyoshi Otsubo
Kiyoshi Otsubo
Chairman, President & CEO

Since manufacturing the first corrugated board in Japan in 1909, the Rengo Group has striven to respond to the needs of customers for value-added packaging, as well as contribute to society by helping to optimize the flow of products through the distribution process.

Recent years have seen packaging requirements become more diversified and demanding as the lifestyles of people change and their environmental awareness increases. Based on a wide-ranging product lineup, a highly refined service network, and a wealth of packaging technologies built up over the years, the Rengo Group has continued to study the most efficient, optimal forms of packaging for our customers.

We employ a reliable, fully integrated production system, from paperboard to corrugated packaging. Our business domains cover folding cartons, flexible packaging and other forms of packaging for consumers, as well as heavy duty bags used in a wide variety of different industries, and even extend to cater to overseas markets. This structure allows us to achieve substantial synergistic effects and deliver diverse packaging solutions.


Intrinsically suited to recycling, corrugated board primarily utilizes recovered paper, which is recyclable and eco-friendly, as its raw material. As the birthplace of corrugated board in Japan, the Rengo Group considers the concept of “always caring about people and the environment” as the cornerstone of our business activities.

Not only do we maintain strict controls with respect to air and water pollution, but we also proactively seek to use energy and resources as efficiently as possible while giving consideration at all times to the minimization of environmental impact and reduction of CO2 emissions.

Over time, in addition to their fundamental functions of product packaging and protection, corrugated board and other packaging materials have incorporated decoration and printed information on their surfaces. As such, they have the potential for further advances in the future as tools enabling people to communicate with one another.

The Rengo Group defines itself as a “General Packaging Industry” that creates new value in packaging in a wider range of fields and actively proposes solutions to fulfill all the packaging needs of various industries through continual changes in thinking and innovation. With our eyes on further enhancement of our overseas operations in the light of advancing globalization, Rengo will continually commit to being active and taking on new challenges, both in Japan and worldwide, thus promoting the sustainable development of the economy and society and enriching more comfortable lifestyles.