Corrugated Packaging

  • Functional corrugated packaging

    Low friction corrugated packaging

    • Low friction

    • This is a recyclable low friction corrugated packaging made with specially-coated linerboard. It can reduce the rubbing of film pinholes or paper labels caused by vibration during transportation.


    • Prevents rubbing

    Insect-resistant corrugated packaging

    • Insect-resistant

      • BUGLESS
      • A special mixture of ink and varnish coated on the corrugated board repels insects, discouraging them from entering the box.
        The ingredient of the insect-repellent mixture is a natural essential oil that has been approved for use as a food additive. It is highly safe, and can be recycled.

    • Insects which are expected to be repelled

      ・Indian meal moth (stored-grain insect pest)
      ・Red flour beetle (stored-grain insect pest)
      ・Black carpet beetle (fabric insect pest)
      ・Ants and other insect pests

    • Insect-resistant

    Fire-retardant corrugated board

    • Fire-retardant

      • 災害時避難所用間仕切り
      • This is corrugated board that does not catch or spread fire easily.
        It has been certified by the Japan Fire Retardant Association as a flame retardant product.


      Excellent fire retardancy
      It has high fire retardancy, and three products have attained certification from the Japan Fire Retardant Association as flame retardant products: “Partition for times of disaster,” “Low partition panel,” and “Display panel.”


      Lightweight and strong
      Compared to Grade 2 standard structural plywood used in panels, it is approximately one-sixth of the weight but has similar or better strength.

      Decorative printing using off-set printing is possible.

      It can be cut easily using cutters.

      It can be recycled like conventional corrugated board.

      The fire-retardant agent used is not harmful to humans, and has been certified by the Japan Fire Retardant Association.

    • Fire-retardant

    Recyclable water-resistant packaging

    • Water impermeable & water resistant
    • Moisture-proof

      • ウルトラレンコート
      • This corrugated packaging, which is recyclable, uses linerboard coated with a special water impermeable agent that can suppress the absorption of water.
        By choosing a box style, it is possible to expand into fields which traditionally could only have been handled by corrugated packaging using polyethylene-sandwiched paper.
        In addition, it has moisture-proof qualities.

      * Polyethylene-sandwiched paper is processed paper which sandwiches polyethylene between boxboard and kraft board. It can prevent moisture, and is used in detergent cartons and more.
    • 超撥水

    • Water-resistant

      • ハイレンコート
      • This is water-resistant corrugated packaging that combines a high level of water resistance, comparable to that of wax dipped corrugated packaging, and a high level of recyclability.
        It is manufactured by combining specially-made linerboard with Rengo’s unique containerboard processing technology using a special water-resistant adhesive.

    • High water resistance

    • Water-resistant

      • レンコート
      • This is water-resistant corrugated packaging which can be recycled into recovered paper. The special wax coated on the containerboard penetrates into the corrugated packaging when heated during corrugation.
        Its uses include boxes for fruit, vegetables, and seafood.


      ・Seafood such as mackerel, prawn, and seafood paste
      ・Vegetables such as spinach, taro, and radish
      ・Storage and transportation of frozen food
      ・Storage and transportation of cans, bottles, etc.

    • Medium/light water resistance

    Corrugated board for chill and freshness retention

    • Freshness retaining
    • Moisture-proof

      • Damp-proof
      • This is a recyclable moisture-proof corrugated packaging using a specially-coated linerboard.
        It can suppress the evaporation of water from fruit and vegetables, and can retain freshness without having to use film bags and such. It can also be used as moisture-proof packaging for products susceptible to moisture.

    • Freshness retaining

    • Freshness retaining
    • Cold storage

      • リサイクール
      • This is corrugated packaging with a specially coated bottom liner for cool insulation. Besides keeping the contents cool, it acts as a gas barrier and is highly effective in retaining freshness. Similar to general-purpose corrugated packaging, it can be recycled.

    • Freshness retaining
      Cold storage

    Antirust corrugated packaging

    • Antirust

      • GASTORD
      • It is difficult to store and transport silver and copper products as they easily rust and change color. However, GASTORD uses specially-coated linerboard to absorb and remove hydrogen sulfide gas—which causes silver and copper to rust and change color—from inside the box.


      Antirust packaging for electronic products, terminals and switches with silver/copper contacts, etc.
      For use in preventing color change in silverware, silver/copper ornaments, etc.
      For storing items which give off foul odors such as methyl mercaptan and ammonia
    • Antirust

    • Antirust

    • This is an antirust corrugated packaging which prevents rusting when the agent coated on the linerboard evaporates and forms a protective film on the surface of the metal. It is effective for a wide range of metals—from iron to non-ferrous metals such as zinc and copper—and remains effective for a long period of time.


      Antirust packaging for steel plates and galvanized steel plates
      Antirust packaging for metallic materials such as copper and copper alloys
      Antirust packaging for automobile and machine components
      Antirust packaging for industrial electronic components

      Effective in preventing rust on steel products

    • Antirust

    Conductive corrugating packaging

    AS Black
    • Conductive

      • AS Black
      • Precision electronic products are affected by even slight amounts of static electricity latent in packaging materials. AS Black is a conductive corrugated packaging that, by coating a special agent which easily conducts electricity on the linerboard, increases conductivity and reduces the static electricity caused by rubbing against the corrugated packaging due to things such as vibrations during transportation.

    • Conductive