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Cellgaia (pulp that zeolite crystallized at high density)

Zeolites are a family of minerals known for their powerful deodorization and anti-bacterial effects that are supported by metals such as copper and silver. In recent years attention is also being paid to zeolites for their ability to absorb radioactive materials that are dissolved into water.
Despite this advanced function, until now there were no effective methods for affixing zeolites to materials such as paper or fabric, which has limited the fields in which they can be used.
Rengo has carried out research and development, including that related to paper manufacturing, for many years, and has successfully crystallized zeolite inside cellulose fiber at a high density (a patent has been acquired for this process). Rengo has commercialized the resulting product as Cellgaia (pulp that zeolite crystallized at high density).
Cellgaia preserves all of zeolite’s exemplary functions while maintaining the shape of the fibers. It can be applied to many types of fiber products such as paper, nonwovens, and cotton. The performance of this product can also be adjusted easily according to desired functions.


Cellgaia (pulp that zeolite crystallized at high density)


Typical applications of Cellgaia (pulp that zeolite crystallized at high density)

Air filters, sanitary products, medical supplies, pet supplies, freshness retention sheets, antirust sheets

Cellgaia (pulp that zeolite crystallized at high density)

Zeolite, a generic name for the aluminosilicate family, is a type of porous mineral with extremely small holes arranged in a regular pattern on its surface. The gaps in zeolite’s molecular structure absorb and retain liquid and various types of gas (including malodorous substances such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide).

Features of Cellgaia (pulp that zeolite crystallized a t high density)

Deodorant properties
Due to its absorbency and the effects of metal ion reactions, zeolite effectively deodorizes bad smells including amines, fatty acids, and sulfur compounds. It also effectively removes pet odors such as ammonia, acetic acid, and isovaleric acid.

Antibacterial properties
Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus, Vibrio parahaemolyticus (a cause of food poisoning), Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA; a cause of hospital-acquired infections), Pseudomonas aeruginosa (a cause of bedsores)
>> 99.9% or greater
(Source: antibacterial property test for various types of bacterium on sheet containing 4% silver-supported Cellgaia)

Allergen inactivity
Mite antigens >> 97.7%
Japanese cedar antigens >> 99.5%
(Source: inactivity test for various types of allergens on sheet containing 100% copper-supported Cellgaia)

Virus-resistant properties
Poliovirus, influenza virus, feline calicivirus, herpes simplex virus, Adenoviruses
>> Virus suppression ratio: 99% or greater
(Source: inactivity test for various types of viruses on sheet containing 60% copper-supported Cellgaia)

Cellgaia is regarded as paper according to various types of laws
• The raw materials and finished product are entirely natural
Cellgaia is extremely safe because the supporting silver and copper are immobile
> Can be safely used for sanitary materials

* Cellgaia is a patented product in Japan, the United States, Canada, and Europe.