Digital Transformation Initiatives

Rengo has formulated Vision 115, a medium-term vision which starts in FY2020 (and concludes in FY2024), in which we state the promotion of digital transformation (DX) that uses the latest information and communication technologies as one of the initiatives in our aim to become the world’s number one packaging provider.

In April 2020, we established the DX Promotion Investigation Committee, with the president as its chairman, to establish a system for promoting DX throughout the company.

In promoting DX, the Rengo Group is building a Cyber Physical System that combines digital technologies (Cyber) with the people who handle them (Physical) in our various operation processes—such as manufacturing, logistics, and sales—to create new customer value, increase innovative operation efficiency, and reform work styles.

Goals Specific measures
Create new business models
  • Expand and enrich the digitally printed packaging
  • Engage in external sales of digital tools developed
  • Develop and sell automatic order reception and placement
    }systems by linking data with customers
Create new customer value
  • Improve quality and services by IoT utilizing sensors,
    and AI technologies
  • Optimize supply chains by visualization of procurement and
    manufacturing processes, and realize low-carbon societies
  • Engage in proposal-based sales activities
    by leveraging virtual technologies
Reform existing processes
  • Improve logistics efficiency by introducing AI into vehicle
    dispatching systems
  • Shorten proposal preparation times and improve data storage
    security by using digital data in graphical and technical designs
  • Develop new sales techniques and sales channels
    for the mobile network era
Improve internal operation
  • Eliminate paper use and promote remote work as part of
    work style reform
  • Use digital technologies in recruitment and internal training
  • Improve the development system by training own IT engineers