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Rengo Smart Display Packaging is an innovative, smartly designed corrugated packaging based on a Transport, Display & Sales approach.
Rengo Smart Display Packaging

Changing the point of sale. Revolutionary packaging created from the consumer viewpoint and out of the needs of retail outlets.

RSDP is a new concept in corrugated packaging that brings to corrugated packaging the functions of Display and Sales in addition to the traditional function of Transport, in order to improve retail shop unpacking and display performance, and sales promotion.

Compared to existing packaging, RSDP saves labor by reducing the time needed for opening and displaying products, and since it also makes decorative printing easier, it improves product display functionality at the point of sale and is effective for sales promotion.

Furthermore, depending on the product, large reductions in packaging materials are possible thanks to the reduction of packaging area—achieved by using compressed packaging optimized from the initial design stage through considerations for the way the product is inserted—and the omission of outer boxes through use of shrink film.

Tailored to the characteristics of the Japanese distribution market, RSDP harnesses the technological capabilities of Rengo to improve efficiencies from packaging, to transport, to the retailer, and mitigate the impact of the supply chain on the environment.


Rengo Smart Display Packaging


Instead of Transport only, the RSDP approach combines Transport with Display to achieve Sales, and therefore solves issues in retail spaces


Benefits of Use

RSDP Developed to Promote Sales

RSDP is a type of outer packaging with greatly improved unsealing performance and sales promotion at stores. The diverse lineup of products ranges from small types for display on typical gondola shelves to large types for creating large-scale displays. Particular attention has been paid to creating a design for displaying products in an advertisement-like manner for piled displays when the packaging cover section is removed in large volume island displays or gondola end displays.
Rengo Smart Display Packaging