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Corporate Philosophy of the Rengo Group

Ever since founder Teijiro Inoue manufactured Japan’s first corrugated board in 1909, the Rengo Group has been serving society, continually adapting to the times to deliver the very best packaging solutions to customers and enhance the value of their products.

We plan to continue comprehensive development of optimal packaging solutions for distribution in all industries, and as a "General Packaging Industry" that creates new value in packaging through a tireless commitment to continual changes in thinking and technological innovation, we adhere to the following guiding principles.

1. Realize prosperity and ambitions for the future through dynamic business activities by earning the trust and satisfaction of customers.

Act always with integrity, maintaining high ethical standards and ensuring strict legal compliance.


Engage in communication with a broad section of society through proactive and accurate information disclosure.

4. Respect the value of individual employees and strive to create safe and congenial work environments providing comfort and fulfillment.
5. Take the initiative on environmental conservation efforts.
6. Contribute to society as a good corporate citizen.
7. Globalize by ensuring compliance with laws in each country or region and by contributing to economic and social development in those areas through business activities reflecting the different cultures and practices.