Risk Management

Basic Stance

Led by its mission as a packaging provider, the Rengo Group seeks to be the world’s best general packaging manufacturer group and to create greater sustainable corporate value. To fulfill our responsibility as a supporting industry member that assists with the delivery of living essentials to consumers, we engage in various preparations and management in non-disaster periods, define basic policies for dealing with disasters, and strive to improve our supply structure.

Risk Management Structure

Rengo has established a CSR Committee chaired by the Chairman & CEO with the aims of improving management quality and reducing and avoiding future risks. With regard to the management of compliance, environment, disaster, quality, information, and other risks, individual departments and the six subcommittees, under CSR Committee, for ethics, environment, health and safety, customer satisfaction, public relations, and information security work together to formulate internal regulations, create manuals, and monitor company-wide conditions.
In addition, the Board of Directors receives reports on the status of initiatives from the directors who manage or oversee each business unit/group and department, and from the chairs of each subcommittees. The Board deliberates and makes decisions on improvement initiatives and other matters as necessary.

Natural Disaster Countermeasures

In consideration of the frequent occurrence of natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons, Rengo has established fundamental policies that outline the company’s response in the event of a disaster. Following the Great East Japan Earthquake, all business sites have maintained stocks of emergency supplies since June 2011. In addition, satellite telephones were installed at all business sites in March 2012. Since April 2012, we have developed a system that uses automatically sent emails to confirm the safety of employees and others and assess damage conditions in the event of a large-scale earthquake. Test emails are sent every six months in preparation for disasters.

Basic Disaster Policy

Our highest priority is ensuring the safety of employees and their family members.
We strive to assess damage conditions of Rengo facilities, restore them as quickly as possible, and continue operations to the greatest degree possible.
We fulfill our social responsibilities (such as employment and supply) by maintaining and continuing our corporate activities.

Information Management

As advances are made toward digitization throughout society, information management is becoming increasingly important. Having formulated information security policies, including the Fundamental Policy on Information Security, Rengo is implementing thorough risk management and building a robust security system, centered around the Information Security Committee, chaired by the executive officer in charge of the Information Systems Group.

Fundamental Policy on Information Security

The Rengo Group recognizes that the information and information systems (hereinafter “information assets”) it handles in the course of carrying out its business activities are a source of competitiveness.

Acknowledging that measures to protect information assets from threats to their confidentiality, integrity and availability are an important management issue, the Rengo Group will work to ensure information security based on the following policy.

Compliance with laws and regulations
The Rengo Group complies with laws, regulations and social norms related to information security.
Protection of information assets
The Rengo Group takes safe and appropriate protection and measures for information assets in accordance with their importance and risks.
Building of information security systems
The Rengo Group establishes internal systems and regulations, etc. that promote information security and makes efforts on a company-wide and cross-organizational basis.
Measures for the entire supply chain
The Rengo Group promotes information security measures for the entire supply chain, including suppliers and contractors, and provides safe packaging and related services.
Education and training
The Rengo Group provides information security education and training to all executive officers and employees.
Responding to problems
The Rengo Group takes prompt recovery and corrective measures in the event of an information security problem, and deals strictly with information leaks and other violations in accordance with internal regulations.
Continuous improvement
The Rengo Group periodically reviews its information security initiatives to continuously improve and strengthen them.

Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Confronted with the COVID-19 pandemic, the greatest crisis Japan has faced in the post-war period, we do our utmost to ensure the safety and health of workers and, as a member of society, to prevent the spread of infection. In April 2020, we established the Rengo Group Novel Coronavirus Emergency Management Headquarters, led by the Chairman and headed by the President as the Chief, to fulfill our responsibility as a supporting industry member to supply products used to deliver living essentials to consumers. The Headquarters issues infection prevention measure instructions and notices throughout the Group, shares information provided by the government and other related organizations, and delivers and distributes infection prevention supplies.