Medium-term VisionVision115

Companywide Activities—Fostering a Corporate Culture that Takes ESG and SDGs into Consideration

  • Pursue further reduction of environmental impact by expanding the use of renewable energy.
  • Promote the development and provision of packaging and biodegradable materials that contribute toward solving the problem of ocean plastic waste.
  • As a business corporation, first realize the creation of employment and maximization of profits through economic activities in accordance with the spirit of legal conformance, and contribute back to society.
  • Refine the circular recycling system formed by a good balance of recovered paper, paperboard, and corrugated packaging.
  • Provide products that contribute toward improving the work efficiency at distribution and retail industries.
  • Promote “white logistics” emphasizing appropriate lead time in collaboration with the supply chain.
  • Establish a corporate governance system that responds to the corporate group's expansion with consideration for our stakeholders, namely employees, shareholders, and society.
  • Improve sustainability as a company by emphasizing ESG and promoting SDG initiatives.
  • Build safe and secure working environments where people can work with vigor by establishing mechanisms embracing “lifetime careers” and introducing automated facilities.
  • Aim to be a corporate entity where diverse human resources (in terms of gender, age, nationality) can fully apply their individual capabilities.

The key concept for the Rengo Group's packaging manufacturing and environmental managementLess is more.

“Less energy consumption”

“Less carbon emissions”

“High quality products with more value-added”

“Less is more.” is the key concept for the Rengo Group's packaging manufacturing, and is also a key concept for environmental management. This is the ideal that the Rengo Group seeks through all of our business activities in fulfilling our social responsibility as a company toward contributing to the development of a better and sustainable society through the production of high-quality and high value-added packaging while effectively using resources and reducing impact on the global environment.