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Viscopearl® (porous cellulose beads)

These cellulose beads, manufactured from wood pulp, offer excellent porosity and can provide gradual-release action for medicines and other such products. Used for enclosing other functional materials such as aromatic agents and activated carbon.

Viscopearl® (porous cellulose beads)

Typical Application

aromatic / deodorizing / anti-bacteria / anti-mold / insect-resistant agents etc.


Environmental compatibility
Viscopearl® is a natural, biodegradable material. (No harm to burn)

Light and easy to handle
Viscopearl® is porous, so it is light and easy to handle. And it absorbs more water or oil.

High chemical stability
Because high chemical stability, medicines in Viscopearl® doesn't change in quality.

Gradual-release action
Viscopearl® can provide gradual-release action for medicines.
[Example] perfumes, pigments

3-types Viscopearl®

Standard size : 2mm`4mm(hole size : 0.1mm)

[Example] agents of volatility medicines, agents of adsorbent

Standard size : 4mm or 8mm(hole size : 0.01mm)

[Example] treatment medicines for kitchen refuses

Standard size : 0.4mm or 0.7mm

[Example] filters of cigarette, abrasives