Fundamental Policy on Information Disclosure

  • Fundamental Policy on Information Disclosure

    The following fundamental policy governs our disclosure of information, in accordance with our corporate philosophy:

    Criteria for disclosure of information
    Information concerning the Rengo Group shall be disclosed in a prompt, fair and impartial manner, in accordance with laws and regulations, stock exchange rules, and suchlike. We shall also actively strive to disclose any other information beyond this scope that will help to promote understanding of the Rengo Group.

    Methods of disclosure of information
    We shall disclose information stipulated by laws and regulations, stock exchange rules, and suchlike through the stock exchange Timely Disclosure network (TDnet), as well as through press releases, our website and other means. We shall also strive to disclose other information through suitable methods such as publication on our website.

    Quiet period
    To prevent the divulgence of information on financial results and for the sake of fairness, we shall not respond to any inquiries concerning financial results during the quiet period (from the day after the settlement date to the announcement date of results). However, there shall be appropriate disclosure in accordance with stock exchange rules in the event of likely major revisions to forecast results.

    Risks and uncertainties are inherent in any future forecasts appearing in disclosed information, given the available information and the range of premises on which they were based at the time of disclosure. Please be aware that actual results may differ considerably from forecasts.

    Market rumors
    In principle, we shall not comment on any market rumors or news articles based on conjecture. However, we shall respond in a suitable manner in the event that a lack of action would have grave repercussions for our company.

    Established on June 1, 2017

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