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A packaging-based approach for "top-selling" products

Design and Marketing Center

Rengo’s Design and Marketing Center (DMC) is a team specializing in the consultation and the proposal of designs as a partner of customers. It provides marketing-based consulting and proposals in areas from product planning to packaging designs. As specialists in packaging, the DMC makes proposals that cover everything from customers’ product development to sales plans in order to explore and realize the latent possibilities for better selling products.

Design Marketing Center

Proposal process

1. Orientation
This is an important stage for confirming the client’s requests and the essence of the problem.

Marketing research

The DMC confirms the environment in which the product exists, and searches for clues for striking an emotional chord with consumers.

・ Consumer surveys
・ Point-of-sale surveys
・ Product analysis, etc.



A product concept is established, and specific measures are considered to draw out the unique appeal of the product and brand.
・ Conceptual planning
・ Branding support
・ Naming and copywriting


Packaging design

A design is produced to convey the value of the product and express the aims of the concept in an optimal way.
・ Ideas of package styles for gift and mail-order sales
・ Logo and graphic design

DMC topics
Popularizing packaging that promotes sales. =>
“Medi-DAN” (Corrugated box advertising)

Outer packaging such as corrugated boxes and intermediate boxes is not just for transporting items; it can also act as an advertising medium that can be utilized as a promotional tool in stores. Incorporating the information you wish to convey into outer packaging design makes it easier to promote your message in stores and other locations.

Perfect for gifts.

From seasonal to daily gifts, we continually update our packaging for special occasions and the special people in our consumers’ lives. We have planned and designed many types of gift packaging that show gift recipients how much you really care.

Taking full advantage of market information.

DMC collects a broad yet deep range of information on various types of product packing and packaging as well as distribution and sales measures, particularly for foodstuffs and toiletries. DMC is unique in that it understands consumer trends and changes in real time, which allows us to propose our insights—based on up-to-the-minute marketing information—to our clients via package designs.

Support provided
Provision of marketing information
・ Consumption trends, market surveys and analysis, etc.
Formulation of product plans
・ Product concepts, brand image development, etc.
Packaging design
・ Graphic design, configuration, etc.
Retail sales activation planning
・ Corrugated packaging for use in sales promotions, etc.
Overall project management

From product planning to packaging design


Group interviews are conducted to directly hear the views of consumers.


Comps and dummies are used to propose designs, allowing customers to check the designs in a hands-on way.


In our surveys, we have verified that designing corrugated box as a type of advertising media increases consumers’ desire to purchase a product. (Example of “Medi-DAN”)

・ “Shofuku Yokan”that won the Bronze Award in the Pentawards 2014