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Wasaveil® (natural anti-bacterial/anti-mold agents)

Employing wasabi and mustard constituents, these products are used as anti-bacterial and anti-mold agents. When processed into a film, in addition to prolonging the shelf life of foods, they can be placed in shoes and bags to prevent mold. Wasaveil®

Typical Application

anti-bacterial / durability sheet


Nature materials protect foods.
Wasabi and mustard constituents, used in Wasaveil® , are very safely and natural materials.

Effective to bacteria and mold.
Wasaveil® is effective to protect propagation of food poisoning bacillus or molds.

Just put over foods.
Wasaveil® 's natural elements protect the surface of foods, and can control permeability of gas or liquid.

3-types Wasaveil®

Sheet type
For a packed lunch, sushi(for gift) etc.

Roll type
For wrapped foods by automatic packaging machinery(bread, Japanese confectionary) etc.

Label type
For sandwiches, confectionary etc.


Packed sheet Viscopearl® holding wasabi or mustard constituents. This is easy to handle.

[Example] leather goods(shoes / bags), bamboo, cane products, agricultural products, etc.