Human Rights Policy

Rengo Group Human Rights Policy

The Rengo Group has regard for the value of each individual who works for the Group as a part of our Corporate Philosophy. The Rengo Group establishes this Rengo Group Human Rights Policy to codify respect for human rights as our corporate social responsibility and undertake initiatives relating to human rights.

  • 1. Compliance with international norms, laws, and regulations
    The Rengo Group will support and comply with international norms relating to human rights.
    In addition, the Rengo Group will comply with applicable laws and regulations in all countries and regions where it conducts business. In the event of a discrepancy between national or regional laws and regulations and international norms, we will pursue means of complying with international norms.
  • 2. Responsibility to respect human rights in business activities
     The Rengo Group will respect human rights in its business activities and respond promptly and appropriately when issues relating to violations of human rights occur.
     We will respect the human rights and dignity of each individual, eliminate all forms of discrimination and harassment on the basis of sex, age, disability, nationality, race, religion, belief, sexual orientation, sexual identity, social standing, and so on, and will create work environments where employees are treated fairly.
     We will prohibit human trafficking, forced labor, child labor, other improper labor practices, and all forms of discrimination and protect the human rights of workers including the freedom of association and collective bargaining, ensuring the payment of minimum wages, and appropriately managing working hours.
     We will create work environments where each individual can work in good physical and mental health, safely, energetically, and enthusiastically. We will encourage work styles that promote a good work-life balance.
  • 3. Implementation of human rights due diligence
    The Rengo Group will continuously implement human rights due diligence to prevent violations of human rights.
  • 4. Corrective and remedial measures
    The Rengo Group will take corrective and remedial measures in order to respond appropriately in cases where we receive information concerning incidents or problems relating to human rights violations arising from our business activities.
  • 5. Education and training
    The Rengo Group will conduct appropriate employee education and training for the purposes of firmly establishing this policy in all business activities and ensuring practice based on a proper understanding of this policy so that risks relating to human rights can be prevented.
  • 6. Dialogue and collaboration with stakeholders
    The Rengo Group will engage in dialogue and collaboration with relevant stakeholders in an effort to enhance and improve initiatives for respecting human rights.
  • 7. Information disclosure
    The Rengo Group will disclose information relating to its initiatives for respecting human rights in accordance with this policy through websites and reports.
  • 8. Scope of application
    This policy applies to all Rengo Group directors, officers, and employees. In addition, all concerned parties and partners involved in Rengo Group business activities are expected to support this policy and are urged to fulfill their social responsibilities including respect for human rights in collaboration with the Rengo Group.
Established November 2, 2021