For Products to Be Used with Peace of Mind

Rengo establishes the policy for customer satisfaction activities and undertakes initiatives as a whole company to provide products with value to society and improve customer satisfaction.

CS Action Policies for FY3/2023

Achieve Zero Defect (ZD) activities successfully through our all-out efforts

Fundamental philosophy Improve customer satisfaction to the maximum limit amidst economic activities in pursuit of profits
Priority item Striving to create a culture in which rules are always followed, and achieve zero shipping of defective products caused by rule violations. Striving also to improve the environment by responding to opinions collected at workplaces.

Quality Assurance Structure

Based on our CS action policies, we operate our own unique quality management system to ensure the quality of our products. We established the Head Office CS Subcommittee to provide companywide oversight so that we can promote quality assurance activities. The subcommittee meets twice per year. In addition to monitoring the status of activities throughout the company, it also identifies risks that would have a material impact on quality and deliberates on and determines matters such as companywide action policies and priority items. Business units decide on measures based on the action policies established by the Head Office CS Subcommittee. Plants and mills consider the measures, formulate more specific measures, and set the goals for plants and mills. In addition, the Plant CS Subcommittees meet once a month to check the status of quality activities, evaluate defect countermeasures, and improve quality.

Quality Assurance Structure]