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Packaging Technology

We solve packaging issues
by optimizing packaging design.

Packaging Technology

Pursuing and proposing the best packaging taking into consideration
product characteristics and distribution flow

  • Various functions and qualities are required of packaging to deliver precious products safely to consumers while protecting these products. Rengo designs packaging and selects materials taking into consideration various factors, including the characteristics of products; strength and shock absorption based on transportation, storage, and other logistics conditions; and stacking efficiency on palettes. Furthermore, we pursue and propose the best packaging that meets conflicting demands such as straightforward assembly, effortless opening, ease of disposal and recycling, and cost performance.

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Experience accumulated over more than a century gives
rise to the difference in quality

  • Rengo has a history of over 100 years as the leading company in corrugated packaging and other packaging, accumulating a vast amount of precious experimental data and knowledge not found elsewhere. Package testing—such as compression, vibration, and dropping—and environmental testing recreating temperature and humidity during the logistics process are also conducted under conditions as close to actual conditions as possible. In addition, we also carry out design with various ingenuities taking into consideration the psychological aspect of people handling parcels, such as using structures where the products within can be seen to encourage handling with care.

    • Compression test
      Compression test
    • Vibration test
      Vibration test
    • Drop test
      Drop test

Designing numerous innovative packaging
that transcend existing mindsets

From RSDP—an innovative packaging which has drawn attention for bringing together all the functions of being easy to transport, display, and sell—to the S-Lock Tray for fruit which balances significantly reducing the area of corrugated board used while improving workability in assembly and disassembly, and our rich lineup of no-staple corrugated boxes and cushioning materials. We use our strengths—such as diverse human resources with different specializations, and collaboration between the Packaging Machinery Department and design departments—to bring forth many products changing the history of packaging.

  • S-Lock Tray
    S-Lock Tray
  • Corrugated cushioning material
    Corrugated cushioning material
  • Can Drink Dispenser
    Can Drink Dispenser
  • Expandable Corrugated Sheet for Standard Pallet
    Expandable Corrugated
    Sheet for Standard Pallet
  • Controlled atmosphere room
    Controlled atmosphere room
  • Testing physical properties of containerboard and corrugated packaging
    Testing physical properties of containerboard and corrugated packaging

Closely following the needs of customers to support
the making of ideal packaging

Rengo uses our network which comprehensively covers the whole of Japan to support the development of packaging which closely follows the needs of our customers down to the smallest details. We respond with particular attention to technological issues related to packaging through close collaboration between salespersons and engineers.

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