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Packaging sales specialists collaborate with the Packaging Technical Center in providing support on
packaging technology issues

Packaging Technical Center
For a customer's product to arrive safely in the hands of consumers, the right packaging needs to be selected in terms of type, dimensions and material in accordance with product characteristics and distribution conditions such as transportation and storage. Rengo offers indepth support on packaging technology issues through close coordination between sales personnel, who also hold professional packaging qualifications, and our nationwide network of packaging engineers with the Packaging Technical Center as its hub. It is our job to submit proposals for safe packaging and we also suggest optimal designs that take into account the ability to recycle, ease-of-use, transportation efficiency and cost performance. Additionally, we implement material and package tests. We are also engaged in the development of new packaging technologies and impart timely information on packaging and distribution.

Tokyo Package Technical Center
Tokyo Packaging Technical Center

Support provided
Design and improvement
proposals for transport packaging

Design and trial production using CAD/CAM
Simulation of distribution, including different pallet loading patterns
Material and package tests
Material tests and evaluation for paperboard, corrugated products
Package tests (drop, compression and vibration tests, etc.)
Packaging-related technological development
Types, techniques and systems, etc.
Provision of information on packaging technology
Features of packaging design
Features of packaging design
The Packaging Technical Center develops optimal specifications for the customer through a combination of "dimension design," used to determine the best dimensions to match the contents and the shape of the box, "strength design," for determining appropriate material properties for the specific distribution conditions, and "package testing," for checking for faults in the designed packaging.

Facilities for verifying packaging safety and functionality
Facilities for verifying packaging safety and functionality
The center uses controlled atmosphere rooms for recreating temperature and moisture conditions during the distribution process, as well as vibration testing machines and other facilities to scientifically analyze the safety and functionality of packaging.

Proposals for new corrugated cushioning materials
Proposals for new corrugated cushioning materials
A wealth of know-how relating to corrugated packaging design that has been developed over the years is tapped in order to come up with new cushioning products made from corrugated board as opposed to polystyrene.