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  • October 16, 2023

    Rengo Obtains ISCC PLUS Certification

    Rengo Co., Ltd. announces that it has newly obtained the ISCC PLUS Certification (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification), an international certification for sustainable products.
    Upon obtaining this certification, the company is now able to sell the certified products at the head office and Tokyo head office. The certification is based on a mass balance approach and the company will develop biomass polypropylene (PP) film that partially uses certified biomass materials.
    In addition, the Rengo Group's subsidiaries Sun·Tox Co., Ltd. and Howa Sangyo Co., Ltd. have already obtained the certification, which means that the traceability of mass balance from raw material to product handling has been completed for the entire Rengo Group.
    The company is committed to and declares compliance with the ISCC PLUS requirements in accordance with the latest ISCC regulations and will make further efforts to strengthen the development of environmentally friendly packaging.

    About ISCC Certification and the Mass Balance Approach

    International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) is an international certification which conforms to EU guidelines for renewable energy. The mass balance approach is a method of allocating biomass derivation, according to the amount of biomass-derived input, to a portion of finished products when biomass-derived raw materials and petroleum-derived raw materials are mixed together in the process of processing raw materials into final products. Biomass is a renewable resource that is derived from plants and animals and can be used sustainably.