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  • September 27, 2023

    Rengo Wins Japan Packaging Contest 2023 Awards

    Rengo Co., Ltd. announces that it won 10 awards in eight categories of the Japan Packaging Contest 2023, sponsored by the Japan Packaging Institute, as described below. The winning entries will be exhibited at the Living Packaging Product Exhibition 2023, which will be held on October 26 and 27.

    Japan Star Award(Director of General, Manufacturing Industries Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Award)

    Expandable Corrugated Sheet for Standard Pallet
    ~Expansion Solution for Standard Pallets~

    This is an additional component made of corrugated board that can expand pallets into various sizes to support different product sizes to be loaded on the pallet.
    It is designed to prevent accidents resulting in the deformation of corrugated boxes protruding from the pallet when they are stacked on the pallet. The pallet size can be expanded to the desired size by attaching the additional components to a 1,200 mm x 1,000 mm plastic pallet, which is considered the standard size in the Asian market. This prevents the deformation of cargo, thereby improving storage conditions and transportation efficiency, and enhances pallet recycling and reusability. The additional components are easily detached from the pallet and can be recycled as recovered corrugated board after use.

    Expandable Corrugated Sheet for Standard Pallet

    Packaging Technology Award(Technical Packaging Award)

    Environmentally Friendly Package for ZV-E1 Vlog Camera

    Manufacturing know-how has been established for corrugated boxes using the new sustainable paper material developed by Sony.
    The search for appropriate manufacturing conditions to accommodate the new material with high rigidity in laminations and box-making processes led to the solution for cracks from the folding process and lamination misalignment through improved wood mold specifications and design. It contributed to the mass production of corrugated boxes with high forming accuracy and visual excellence.

    Environmentally Friendly Package for ZV-E1 Vlog Camera
    Developed with Sony Global Manufacturing & Operations Corporation

    Packaging Technology Award(Packaging Idea Award)

    Uni Mechanical Pencil Lead Refill Packaging

    This is a refill package for mechanical pencil leads that takes advantage of the features of corrugated board.
    This package holds four refills of mechanical pencil lead in the wave-shaped space of the 4 mm-thick corrugated sheet. To prevent the wave pattern, in which the refill lead is stored, from being crushed, punching and slitting methods are used. The package is sealed without using adhesives, by crimping with toothed presses in order to prevent the lead from spilling out. The seal that encloses the lead is also made of paper, making it an environmentally friendly package that can be recycled after use.

    Developed with Mitsubishi Pencil Co., Ltd.
    Uni Mechanical Pencil Lead Refill Packaging

    Packaging Category Award(Food Packaging Category Award)

    Pizza Hut Trick Box/Hut Stadium Box

    These are pizza boxes for sets sold during the 2022 FIFA World Cup and the 2023 World Baseball Classic.
    The design of the set box, which can hold three pizzas, conveys a sense of a sporting event at a glance when it arrives. The packaging also features an after-use gimmick, such as a box that can be unfolded and reassembled to the shape of a stadium. Beyond packaging and carrying, the boxes evolved into a tool for providing a fun time with friends at sporting events and became a hot topic of conversation in the media and on social media sites.

    Developed with Pizza Hut Japan Ltd.
    Pizza Hut Trick Box/Hut Stadium Box

    Packaging Category Award(Daily Necessities and General Merchandise Packaging Award)

    Amazon SIOC Compatible Box for 3M Greener Clean Net & Mesh

    This is a corrugated box for e-commerce that meets Amazon's specified dimensions and does not require cushioning material.
    The lid of the box conforms to Amazon's specified dimensions, while the divider is optimally sized to fit the contents without cushioning material. This box uses a single sheet to easily pack products and features a locking mechanism that eliminates the need for taping by folding back the lock part. This reduces costs for packaging materials and labor. With messages and designs on the inside of the box, it can promote the product as a communication tool.

    Developed with 3M Japan Ltd.
    Amazon SIOC Compatible Box for 3M Greener Clean Net & Mesh

    Packaging Category Award(Gift Packaging Award)

    Gift Box with Reduced Can Dents "Can-Sho-Zai"

    This decorative box is designed to prevent cans from being dented inside the gift box.
    The box is designed to avoid external impact on the cans by making the center part hollow, where cans have the lowest durability. It was solely achieved by structural ingenuity without using reinforcing materials. Workability has been improved by taking into consideration short-time assembly. A gift box that does not spoil the appearance of the product can lead to a sense of corporate trust.

    Developed with Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd.
    ●	Gift Box with Reduced Can Dents Can-Sho-Zai

    Packaging Category Award(POP Packaging Award)

    Jumble Convertible Carton

    This eco-friendly jumble display fixture also serves as a shipping carton. Its outer cover protects the display during transportation. Once assembled, it supports the display as a bottom plate without exposing any transportation marks, thereby ensuring an aesthetic appeal of the fixture in stores and enhancing promotional effectiveness. In addition, the zipper and other parts do not separate from the main frame of the fixture when it is unfolded, and the whole package can be recycled after use.

    Developed with Prima Meat Packers, Ltd.
    Jumble Convertible Carton

    Packaging Category Award(Transport Packaging Award)

    Export Box for 5kg Produced-in-Japan Sweet Potatoes

    These corrugated boxes are used for exporting Japanese sweet potatoes, which are in increasing demand overseas.
    Two functions were required for the export boxes used in the demonstration project to expand exports of Japanese agricultural products. The first was traceability: each box was equipped with digitally printed unique QR codes that could be scanned by staff in Japan and at the destination to compare and confirm the conditions of the contents before shipment and after arrival. The second was to strongly promote "Produced-in-Japan," so the design was based on the motif of "manga," a symbol of Japanese culture.

    Developed with Wismettac Foods, Inc.
    Tokyo Seika Co., Ltd.
    Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.
    Export Box for 5kg Produced-in-Japan Sweet Potatoes
    Quick Open, Quick Display! Pop-open Corrugated Box

    This corrugated box can be opened instantly, improving work efficiency for in-store display.
    The corrugated box can be easily opened into a tray shape via "Corrumishin," which is a perforation processed by the corrugator with minimal deterioration in strength. Corrugated boxes for beverages and beer are prone to breakage during opening, whereas this box is designed so that when the opening in the center of the top surface is lifted, the Corrumishin on the box body is open and the box instantly becomes a tray.

    Developed with Coca-Cola (Japan) Co., Ltd.
    Quick Open, Quick Display! Pop-open Corrugated Box
    Saishunkan Pharmaceutical Plastic-free E-Commerce Box

    This is a corrugated box for e-commerce with tamper-evident features on the top and bottom surfaces.
    The top surface of the box has a locking mechanism applying a tuck-in flap structure, with female flap hole having slopes on both sides, making it easier for the male closure flap to be inserted along. The flap is firmly closed without the corrugated being crushed, which improces the lock function, providing better resistance to disengagement.
    The bottom surface also has a locking function to prevent tampering. These features contributed to reducing the use of binding bands.

    Developed with Saishunkan Co., Ltd.
    Saishunkan Pharmaceutical Plastic-free E-Commerce Box
    Japan Packaging Contest

    Japan Packaging ContestThis is a contest held annually by the Japan Packaging Institute to develop and spread Japan's excellent packaging and its technologies.