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  • August 5, 2021

    Rengo’s Yashio Mill Renewed Recognition as a Top Level Facility Under the Saitama Prefecture Cap and Trade Type Emissions Trading Program

    Rengo Co., Ltd. announces that its Yashio Mill has renewed its recognition as a Top Level Facility within the Excellent Large Scale Business Facilities category, under the cap and trade type emissions trading system based on guidelines for business activities related to Saitama Prefecture’s global warming measures.
    The trading system was established in April 2011 to encourage systematic reductions in the total volume of CO2 emissions by business facilities that utilize large amounts of energy. To be recognized as an Excellent Large Scale Business Facility, which is applicable to the approximately 600 business facilities within the prefecture, facilities are subject to an exacting assessment by a third-party organization and must be judged as possessing outstanding global warming strategies. Currently, only three facilities are recognized under this system. Rengo’s Yashio Mill—which was recognized as a Quasi-Top Level Facility in 2012 and became the first facility in the prefecture to be recognized as a Top Level Facility in 2016—has renewed its recognition as a Top Level Facility.
    So far, Yashio Mill has established a consistent track record of CO2 reductions over many years. In addition to making a change in its fuel source from heavy oil to clean, processed natural gas, the mill has also installed highly efficient, energy-saving facilities throughout the entire manufacturing process. This time, the mill’s initiatives and other aspects were evaluated and led to the renewal of the recognition.

    Significant reduction in energy consumption through the introduction of a wood chip boiler
    Reduction of excess steam energy in drying process
    Detailed monitoring of energy through the installation of watt-hour meters and other devices
    With “Less is more.” as the key concept, Rengo will continue to actively reduce impact on the global environment by making packaging that generates more value using less resources keeping in mind the conservation of resources and energy.

    At the award ceremony

    At the award ceremony