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January 27, 2017

Rengo Makes Asahi Shiko Co., Ltd. into a Wholly-Owned Subsidiary

Rengo Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Kita-ku, Osaka; Chairman, President & CEO: Kiyoshi Otsubo) announces that it has acquired all of Nippon Paper Industries’ shares of Rengo consolidated subsidiary Asahi Shiko Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Konosu-shi, Saitama Prefecture; President: Yasushi Aoki; Investment ratio: Rengo 60%, Nippon Paper Industries 40%), making it a wholly-owned subsidiary.

Asahi Shiko has plants in three locations: Konosu-shi, Saitama Prefecture; Kitasaku-gun, Nagano Prefecture; and Kamisu-shi, Ibaraki Prefecture. As a manufacturer of corrugated board with many excellent customers in the fresh produce, automobile, chemical products, and medical products industries, it operates on a stable management foundation.

Rengo will strengthen the cooperation between Asahi Shiko and neighboring plants directly managed by Rengo, as well as with Group companies, and work toward expanding the Rengo Group corrugated board business in the Kanto and Koushinetsu regions.


Overview of Asahi Shiko Co., Ltd.

Head office location

4070 Mida, Konosu-shi, Saitama Prefecture

Representative President Yasushi Aoki
Capital 100 million yen

Rengo Co., Ltd. 100%

Main business Manufacturing and sales of corrugated board and boxes,
repair of metal pallets
Plant locations ・Head Office Plant:
4070 Mida, Konosu-shi, Saitama Prefecture
・Nagano Plant:
2808 Miyota, Miyota-machi, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano Prefecture
・Ibaraki Plant:
22-1 Higashifukashiba, Kamisu-shi, Ibaraki Prefecture (repair of metal pallets)
Net sales 5.2 billion yen (fiscal year ended March 2016)
Number of Employees 74