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  • September 30, 2013

    Rengo Launches the Gemini Packaging System
    —A Revolution in Mail-Order Packaging

    Rengo Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Kita-ku, Osaka; President & CEO: Kiyoshi Otsubo) announces the launch of its newly developed Gemini Packaging System. The system delivers revolutionary efficiency to packaging processes at warehouses for distribution and other purposes.

    In recent years, logistics utilizing distribution warehouses has grown exponentially with the expansion of the mail-order market. But presently, a large amount of manual work is still needed for the packaging process, since each packaging process must be handled separately.

    Maximizing its many years of packaging know-how (especially for corrugated boxes), its development of packaging systems, and its delivery experience, Rengo has marshaled all its capabilities to develop the revolutionary Gemini Packaging System.

    The Gemini Packaging System is based on a completely new idea that overturns the commonly accepted concept that packaging means boxes. It enhances efficiency by dramatically reducing the current number of personnel needed for the packaging process.


    Gemini Packaging System

    It is a newly developed automated packaging system that automatically adjusts the height of packages according to the merchandise. Rengo’s unique know-how based on many years of accumulated packaging technologies has provided ways to make mail-order distribution more efficient and to respond to environmental concerns. 


    Packaging machinery automatically measures the size of the merchandise and produces a package of just the right height.


    The only materials needed are two types of corrugated sheet and wrapping film. This allows for the significant consolidation of materials. 


    The elimination of empty space in the package increases transportation efficiency.


    Stabilizing shrink-wrapping film makes cushioning material unnecessary.

    5) The system can automatically package a variety of merchandise such as articles
    for daily use and books.
    6) The packages are easy to open for smooth handling of returns.
    7) The system is capable of processing one package every three seconds or 1,200 packages per hour.

    Illustration of the packaging process

    Illustration of the packaging process

    * The Gemini Packaging System consists of the Gemini packaging machinery and a shrink-wrapping machine


    The only items required are two types of corrugated sheet and wrapping film!

    The system adjusts to various sizes of merchandise, enabling the consolidation of materials. In addition, disassembly for disposal is also simple, which assists with paper recycling.


    The package is easy to open and can therefore be resealed!

    With universal design in view, the package has been made easy to open. It is also easy to reseal, for when returns are made.


    The system packages all kinds of merchandise!

    A variety of merchandise can be packaged automatically, adjusting to any height between 20 mm and 130 mm. Efficiency can be further increased if the system is combined with Delta Flute, originally developed by Rengo.