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September 6, 2013

Rengo Receives the SMBC Environmental Assessment Loan
for the Third Time

Rengo Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Kita-ku, Osaka; President & CEO: Kiyoshi Otsubo) has always made continuous, proactive efforts for environment-related initiatives as a top-priority management issue, based on the key phrases of “Less Weight, Less Carbon” and “Less is more.”

Rengo has received the SMBC Environmental Assessment Loan from Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (President: Takeshi Kunibe) for the third time. This loan is given by this financial institution to support corporations that are making efforts to provide solutions and develop products that will help preserve the global environment, and that are also aiming to strike a balance between the conservation of the global environment and corporate activities.

This loan was given based on the results of an assessment of Rengo’s consideration for the environment. Rengo was evaluated as having an extremely high standard in areas including “environmental business,” “state of environmental protection initiatives,” and “understanding of environmental burden.” As in the past, Rengo received the highest evaluation for its deep concern for the environment as part of its corporate management.

This assessment will be used as encouragement for Rengo to continue strongly promoting the enhancement of packaging with high environmental value.

Environmental consideration-related items for which Rengo received
a particularly high evaluation.

1. Continual evolution in the two areas of reducing environmental burden and increasing competitive power, such as the promotion of “Less Weight, Less Carbon” products—including Less Caliper & Carbon (LCC) containerboard and C-flute corrugated board that is thinner than traditional product—and the development of more advanced Delta Flute corrugated board.

Proactive utilization of renewable energy, including the introduction of a biomass incineration facility at Rengo’s Tonegawa Division and the expansion of photovoltaic power generating system installation throughout Japan.


Consideration for biodiversity conservation and adaptation to climate change through the proactive usage of recovered paper as paperboard material and the maintenance of a high recovered paper usage rate..

4. Detailed analysis of primary factors for environmental burden increases and decreases, such as quantitative surveys of the effects of environmental burden reduction via environmental protection initiatives.


Delta Flute
Delta Flute that is thinner than B-flute
and stronger than E-flute

The Fukushima-Yabuki Plant
The Fukushima-Yabuki Plant,
where photovoltaic power generation is used for all daytime electric power

the Tonegawa Division
Biomass incineration facility at the Tonegawa Division