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August 1, 2013

Hinode Shiki Kogyo Wins the Red Dot Design Award 2013

Red Dot Design Award 2013Rengo announces that its subsidiary Hinode Shiki Kogyo Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Hioki-shi, Kagoshima; President: Tetsuro Fujita) has won a “red dot” in the Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2013, an international design competition from Germany.

The Red Dot Design Award is known as one of the world’s three most prestigious design competitions. Prize-winning works are judged according to nine standards such as innovation, functionality, and quality, in a broad range of categories including packaging. The winners were selected based on this year’s motto of “Inspire the world.”

The winner of the award was Kuro Riemon, a type of shochu (distilled liquor) from Ibusuki Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Ibusuki-shi, Kagoshima; President: Arao Minami). It is based on the motif of Kaimondake, a beautiful mountain that towers over Ibusuki. The design features the Japanese character for “Kuro” (black), representing the black koji rice-malt that is used as an ingredient. It also expresses the sincere intentions of the artisans who have continued to brew shochu in Kagoshima since ancient times.

Based in Kagoshima Prefecture, Hinode Shiki Kogyo supplies corrugated packaging throughout Kyushu. It also focuses on decorative printed folding cartons, mainly at the Art Package Center. Hinode Shiki Kogyo also established its Design Section in 2007 in order to diligently study and improve its packaging design. Hinode Shiki Kogyo will use this award—a brilliant achievement just like last year’s A’Design Award—as encouragement to continue creating and delivering even greater new designs from Kagoshima.


Kuro Riemon shochu, the prize-winning design

Kuro Riemon shochu