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April 12, 2013

Rengo Develops Delta Flute Corrugated Board Based on
the Concept of “Less is More.”
Innovations for the New Corrugated Board of the Future

Rengo Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Kita-ku, Osaka; President & CEO: Kiyoshi Otsubo) announces that it has developed and will begin selling Delta Flute, a new standard for corrugated board.

Corrugated board is a type of architecture unto itself. Rengo has successfully created a product that is the further evolution of “Less Weight, Less Carbon” through the trinity of functionality, strong construction, and attractiveness—the architectural design concepts that have been prized since the time of Ancient Rome.

Based on the concept of “Less is more,” Delta Flute is a new innovation in corrugated board that creates great value with few resources.

Delta Flute is a type of corrugated board with a thickness midway between B-flute, which has a thickness of approximately 3 mm and is used for purposes such as canned beer packaging, and E-flute, which has a thickness of approximately 1.5 mm and is used for purposes such as gift boxes. This original Rengo product is a brand new standard that has never existed. Rengo will approach its users regarding conversion to this product as one effort to realize the widespread use of corrugated packaging that is more lightweight and more functional in order to further reduce impact on the environment.

Rengo, which was the first company in Japan to offer corrugated board to society at lage, has been a leader in the innovation of corrugated board for more than 100 years. Delta Flute—based on the concept of “Less is more.”—is a symbol of this leadership. As a “General Packaging Industry” (GPI) that actively proposes solutions to fulfill all the packaging needs of various industries, Rengo will continue acting as a pioneer to create a new future for corrugated board.


Overview of Delta Flute corrugated board


Approximately 2mm

Number of
flutes per 30cm
Features 1) Offers greater transportation and storage efficiency than B-flute, accomplishing the further optimization and streamlining of packaging.
2) CO2 emissions are reduced and impact on the environment is mitigated through further reduction of corrugated board weight.
3) Delta Flute has greater flat crush strength than B-flute. It makes printing possible that is sharper and more beautiful.
4) Because Delta Flute is stronger than E-flute, it can be used as outer corrugated packaging with the functions of inner boxes.
Beginning of
Production is scheduled to progressively begin at all of
Rengo’s corrugated plants in Japan from spring 2013.

Delta Flute is more environmentally friendly than B-flute and stronger than E-flute