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  • September 25, 2012

    Rengo Develops Shiragiku ZERO Chipboard
    with Significantly Improved Brightness

    Rengo Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Kita-ku, Osaka; President & CEO: Kiyoshi Otsubo) announces that it has recently developed and begun selling Shiragiku ZERO, an environmentally friendly chipboard that contains no fluorescent agents.

    Chipboard is a type of paperboard for which the main raw material is recovered paper. In particular, white-lined chipboard is widely used as a material to make decorative boxes for confectionery and other products.

    Shiragiku ZERO is an improved version of ‘Shiragiku S, the white-lined chipboard that Rengo has sold in the past. Rengo has reviewed and carefully selected the materials used for the back layer and changed the proportion ratio to create this product. Compared to the original product, brightness and strength have been significantly increased.

    In particular, this safe and reliable product contains no fluorescent dyes (fluorescent brightening agents), which are a type of hormone-disrupting chemical that is thought to be carcinogenic.

    In addition, Shiragiku ZEROwhich has improved brightness compared to the original productfurther increases the marketability of products by way of contrast with the board’s white surface. In this way, it is expected to improve promotional power when selling products.

    Rengo will continue developing products that are kind to both people and the environment.


    Shiragiku ZERO Shiragiku ZERO product specifications

    (ISO brightness*)

    * Conforms to JIS P8148

    83.0 or greater
    (‘Shiragiku S [original product]: 77.0;
    Products from other companies that contain fluorescent dyes:

    * In a test conducted by an external agency, fluorescent substances did not dissolve.

    Value-based comparison of major physical properties with Rengo’s ‘Shiragiku S:
    ・Bursting strength 120%
    ・Compressive strength 105%
    ・Rigidity (vertical) 110%
    ・Rigidity (horizontal)


    Surface strength 8A or greater * Wax pick testing method
    Production facility Rengo’s Yashio Mill Produced on the No. 3 paper machine

    Shiragiku ZERO

    To be shown at TOKYO PACK 2012

    Don’t miss the chance to actually handle Shiragiku ZERO in the Rengo booth at TOKYO PACK 2012, the largest-scale international packaging exhibition in the Asian region.


    Name TOKYO PACK 2012
    Period October 2 – 5, 2012

    10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

    Place Tokyo International Exhibition Center
    Our booth East Hall 1 - 28