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  • April 18, 2012

    Rengo Develops Fire-retardant Corrugated Board

    Rengo Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Kita-ku, Osaka; President & CEO: Kiyoshi Otsubo) recently developed fire-retardant corrugated board that meets the certification standard for fire-retardant products. Rengo also utilized fire-retardant processing technologies to commercialize corrugated board partitions and simple changing areas for evacuation shelters during times of disaster. This product has been adopted for the first time by Itabashi-ku in Tokyo.

    In recent memory, corrugated board was utilized for evacuation shelter partitions and floor coverings after the Great East Japan Earthquake of last year. However, in such cases a major secondary disaster could occur if a fire broke out in an evacuation shelter where many people stayed during a disaster and burned objects there including corrugated board. The need for fire-retardant products increased as the certification standard for fire-retardant products was established for products including partitions that are used during times of disaster and other measures began to be undertaken.

    Rengo’s fire-retardant corrugated board has excellent fire-retardant capabilities and can employ decorative printing. In addition to fire-retardant products such as partitions, its wide range of expected usages includes fields in which corrugated board has not been utilized in the past, such as building materials, filters, and automobile parts.

    As a pioneer in the Japanese corrugated packaging industry, Rengo has accumulated a long history of corrugated board technologies and expertise. Rengo will continue to make use of this knowledge and experience as it proceeds to work for further innovations and to develop new usages for its products.


    Product name

    • RAFEP (fire-retardant corrugated board)
      (Two patent applications filed for the fire-retardant processing method and partition structure)

    • RAFEP (fire-retardant corrugated board)


    Features of fire-retardant corrugated board

    Certification has been obtained from the Japan Fire Retardant Association for three fire-retardant products: “Partition for times of disaster,” “Low partition panel,” and “Display panel.”

    In particular, this is the first time that a “Partition for times of disaster” has been certified in Japan. (Certification number: J23001)

    This product is approximately 1/6th of the weight of Grade 2 standard structural plywood, and possesses the same or greater strength.
    It can be processed in the same way as regular corrugated board, and can employ decorative printing via offset printing.
    This product is fully recyclable, and the chemicals used in the fire-retardant processing have no effect on the human body.
    Flames will not spread even when a torch burner is directly applied for two straight minutes



    Corrugated board partition for evacuation shelters adopted by Itabashi-ku (Tokyo)

    Corrugated board partition for evacuation shelters

    Corrugated board partition for evacuation shelters

    Because it is made of corrugated board,
    this product is light, compact, and easy to assemble.