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February 14, 2012

Rengo Runs Advertisements about Its Collaboration
with Hung Hing Printing Group

Last year the Rengo Group acquired shares in Hung Hing Printing Group Limited, the largest “Printing & Packaging Provider” in South China. Through their strong collaboration, the two companies are working to enhance their packaging businesses within that area. Rengo recently ran the following advertisements in local newspapers in Hong Kong and Singapore to emphasize the powerful collaboration between these two companies representing the packaging industries of Japan and China.

Hung Hing Printing Group’s packaging business has great latent potential. By adding the full range of expertise that Rengo possesses, it is expected that increased synergies will be generated and extensive growth achieved in line with the growth in the Chinese economy.
The future successes of Rengo and Hung Hing Printing Group will be eagerly anticipated.



English version

English version


Chinese version

Chinese version


Newspapers in which advertisements were run



South China Morning Post

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Economic Times Hong Kong Chinese
The Straits Times Singapore English
The Business Times Singapore English
Financial Times (Asian edition) Asia English


For more detailed information:

>>“Collaboration has begun between the Rengo Group and Hung Hing Printing Group”