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  • February 6, 2012

    Rengo Announces the Completion of a Biomass Incineration Facility at its Tonegawa Division

    Rengo Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Kita-ku, Osaka; President & CEO: Kiyoshi Otsubo) announces that it has recently completed a biomass incineration facility at its Tonegawa Division (Bando-shi, Ibaraki Prefecture). Rengo places great importance on environmental protection as a guiding principle of its corporate activities, and is promoting initiatives for environmental preservation, including the new incineration facility.

    The Tonegawa Division is comprised of three plants involved in paperboard production, printing and converting, and the production of multi-pack cartons. The Division, which is one of Rengo’s key divisions, produces approximately 320,000 tons of paperboard annually as well as folding cartons, with a focus on cartons in a wide range of processed paper and multi-packs. The biomass incineration facility has been constructed to effectively utilize as fuel energy paper sludge and other waste emitted from the plant’s paper production process. It is anticipated that this will reduce waste from the Division, and CO2 emissions will be cut by approximately 6,000 tons per year through the effective use of waste as a fuel source.

    With resources and energy saving in mind, Rengo is aiming to create ideal types of packaging that are lighter and thinner and cause less CO2 emissions, based on the key concept of “Less Weight, Less Carbon.” For the future, it will continue to actively implement initiatives to reduce its impact on the environment, including effectively utilizing waste and introducing photovoltaic power generating systems and other environmentally friendly facilities.

    Overview of the Tonegawa Division’s biomass incineration facility

    Plant name

    Rengo Co., Ltd. Tonegawa Division

    Facility name Biomass incineration facility
    Manufacturer Takuma Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Amagasaki-shi)
    Objectives Due to the deterioration of the existing incinerators, the Tonegawa Division has upgraded the facility with the latest type of low environmental impact equipment that also enables the use of biomass as fuel. The purposes of this are to reduce fuel costs by effectively utilizing waste from the plant, and also to cut CO2 emissions.
    CO2 emissions reduction


    Biomass incineration facility