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  • June 20, 2011

    Rengo Commences Construction Work at its Shin-Sendai Plant, Aiming for the Earliest Possible Reconstruction and Revitalization After the Great East Japan Earthquake

    Rengo Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Kita-ku, Osaka; President & CEO: Kiyoshi Otsubo) announces that it is constructing the Shin-Sendai Plant (Taiwa-cho, Kurokawa-gun, Miyagi Prefecture) as a reconstruction and revitalization of the Sendai Plant (Miyagino-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi Prefecture) that suffered catastrophic damage in the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of March 11.
    A ceremony was held on June 17 in order to pray for the safety of the construction, which is scheduled to be completed in March 2012.

    The construction of this new plant will ensure employment for workers from the Sendai Plant, and is also being carried out in an earnest manner together with Rengo's desire to serve as a leader in the restoration, reconstruction and revitalization of the areas in the Tohoku region that were affected by the disaster, beginning with Miyagi Prefecture. It is also expected that accelerating our efforts in revitalizing the corrugated board industry—a packaging material that has close ties with the regional economy as an essential item for transporting objects—will promote the revival of the local economy.

    As an appropriate facility for manufacturing fully recyclable and environmentally friendly corrugated board, the new plant aims to be an ideal plant for the 21st century, with ample consideration given to environmental impact, seen in its installation of solar power generation systems. An additional goal is to complete the plant at an early stage so it can serve as a central base in the Tohoku Region, as well as a symbol of reconstruction and revitalization after the disaster.


    Conceptual Drawing of the Completed Shin-Sendai Plant

    Conceptual Drawing of the Completed Shin-Sendai Plant

    Shin-Sendai Plant Outline

    Name Shin-Sendai Plant, Rengo Co., Ltd.

    6-3-2 Matsusakadaira, Taiwa-cho, Kurokawa-gun,
    Miyagi Prefecture, Japan

    Total site area 73,486 m2
    Building site area 28,284 m2
    Products Corrugated board/boxes
    Total investment Approximately 10 billion yen
    Scheduled date of completion March 2012
    Plant concept This plant aims to be an environmentally friendly corrugated board plant under the concept of “Less Weight, Less Carbon” and as a continuation of the Fukushima-Yabuki Plant that was opened last year. Using the experience of the recent earthquake, this plant also aims to become strong at withstanding such disasters.