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May 10 , 2010

Rengo Commences Operations at Fukushima Yabuki Plant
Green Corrugated Production Center Meets Daytime Energy Needs with Solar Power

Rengo Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Kita-ku, Osaka; President & CEO: Kiyoshi Otsubo) announces it will officially commence operations today at the Fukushima Yabuki Plant (Yabuki-machi, Nishishirakawa-gun, Fukushima Prefecture), in place of Rengo’s former Koriyama Plant (Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture).

The plant employs an integrated production line—from corrugated board manufacturing to the converting of various types of corrugated boxes—using cutting-edge production equipment and an advanced production management system that combine product quality with energy efficiency. At the same time, the new plant brings together all of the environmental technology and expertise in resource and energy efficiency that Rengo has developed to date, from supplying all of its daytime electricity needs through solar power generated from approximately 9,000 solar panels to its use of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as boiler fuel. Utilization of these innovations is expected to cut CO2 emissions by 40% compared to the old Koriyama Plant.

“Less Weight, Less Carbon.” At the Fukushima Yabuki Plant, Rengo will manufacture the ideal green corrugated product: corrugated board that is lightweight, strong, thin and takes up less storage space, and whose lifecycle emits only small amounts of CO2—attributes best represented by Rengo’s 4-mm thick C-flute corrugated board. While continuing to meet the packaging needs of its customers with unwavering quality, Rengo will use its unique and environmentally considerate corrugated board to positively contribute to the future of humanity and the Earth.


Bird’s-eye View of the Fukushima Yabuki Plant

Bird’s-eye View of the Fukushima Yabuki Plant


Fukushima Yabuki Plant Outline


Fukushima Yabuki Plant, Rengo Co., Ltd.

Location 115-1 Suwanomae, Yabuki-machi, Nishishirakawa-gun,
Fukushima Prefecture, Japan

Commenced operations

May 10, 2010

Plant general manager Masakazu Yamashita
Total site area 136,600m2
Building site area 23,800m2
No. of employees 106
Product Corrugated board/boxes


Summary of Solar Panel Installation at Fukushima Yabuki Plant


Polycrystalline cell panels

Number of panels 8,532

Gross power outpu


Annual energy capacity Approx. 1.45MkWh
(equivalent to the energy consumed by approx. 400 Japanese homes)

Environmental impact


Annual CO2 emissions reduction of approx. 640 tons
(equivalent to 180 hectares of forest)


Other Environmentally Friendly Features

Uses LNG for boiler fuel

Energy efficient equipment, including a steam circulation system
Uses CORRU-AIRDUCT, HVAC ducts made from corrugated board
Promotes CO2 sequestration through greening initiatives on the plant premises


Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panel Installation