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RV-D20 Wraparound Caser (bottom type)

RV-D20 Wraparound Caser  (bottom type)


Operates using intermittent motion.
Product feed and sheet feed can be from either the left or right side, enabling easy layout.
Uses vertical transport and forming.
Consumes less space than conventional models.
Can connect to a sheet feeding device for prolonged continuous operation.
Safety covers extend over the entire machine.
Problems can be easily identified and corrected from the machine's touch panel.

Operation Flow

Stacked corrugated sheets from the magazine section are fed one at a time into the converting section, where each sheet then waits for the product to be loaded. Product units enter in single file, and left/right guide action drops these incoming units into 3 vertical columns. When two rows have been received (i.e., 6 units, in 3x2 arrangement), this group is loaded into the corrugated sheet that is already waiting in position. The loaded sheet then drops down, the front and rear flaps are folded, and then the top flap is folded. With the loaded sheet in motion, the inner flaps on both sides are folded, and hot-melt is applied to the flap surfaces. The upper and lower outside flaps are then folded simultaneously. Pressure is applied to the rear upper flap, and then to the outside flaps. The finished case then exits the machine.


Capacity 80-120 pieces/minute
Case sizes L W H
Min. 150 100 250
Max. 350 250 500
Air consumption 0.5 MPa, 400 NL/min.
Power 3-phase 200V 50/60Hz 4kW