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RV-S20 Wraparound Caser (straight type)

RV-S20 Wraparound Caser  (straight type)


Operates using intermittent motion.
Product feed can be from either the left side or the right side, enabling easy layout.
Use of Rengo's original sorting and grouping equipment enables stable product intake.
Use of Rengo's original product conveyance equipment enables stable product feed.
Safety covers extend over the entire machine.
Can connect to a sheet feeding device for prolonged continuous operation.

Operation Flow

Stacked corrugated sheets from the magazine section are fed one at a time into the converting section, where the sheet waits for the product to be loaded. The product conveyor transports a single row of product to the infeed conveyor, which arranges the product into a 6- or 12-piece group which is then loaded onto the waiting sheet. The machine then applies hot-melt to the body of the loaded sheet and then to the folded inner flaps, and the body and flaps are then pressed together by plate action to form the finished case, which is then ejected from the converting section. A conveyor rotates the ejected case 180 degrees, and an ink-jet printer applies printing. If 6-packs are being processed, the packs then move into a turning device that rotates alternate packs by 90 degrees; hot-melt is applied to each pair of packs, the pair is merged into a case, and the cases are stacked two high by a stacker and then ejected from the system. If 12-packs are being processed, the packs are not rotated or merged, but are simply stacked two high and ejected from the system.


Capacity 120-300 pieces/minute
Case sizes L W H
Min. 150 100 250
Max. 350 250 500
Sealing Hot-melt
Air consumption 0.5 MPa, 400 NL/min.
Power 3-phase 200V 50/60Hz 4kW
Size change Adjustment by handle
Case stocking capacity Approx. 100 sheets