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I-Pack (Height Adjustment and Sealing Machine)



The I-Pack system is a full automated height adjustment packaging machine that folds the corrugated box to the exact height of the product and seals the box with a corrugated lid. The I-Pack solution has been specially engineered for the order fulfillment and distribution business.


Applications Cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics, books, printings, DVD, spare parts, clothing and apparel, IT supplies, home wear, kitchen wear, gifts, office supplies, dry food, industrial supplies, DIY, mail order, etc
Operating speeds 780~840 boxes/hour
Options Enlarged bland feeder, automatic glue filler
Packaging materials E, Delta, B, C, A flute corrugated board
Sealing Method Hot melt glue
Range of case size 250~630(L) x 220~400(W) x 70~400(H) mm
Machine dimensions 5,650~6,730(L) x 2,300(W) x 2,150~2,450(H) mm
Power consumption 10 kW
Compressed Air 835 L(Normal)/min