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RX-3600 sheet feeder (wraparound)

RX-3600 sheet feeder (wraparound)


High processing capacity enables improved productivity.
New mechanisms provide more stable depalletizing and sheet feeding.
Feeds entire pallets, enabling prolonged operating runs.
Can connect to your current equipment.
Consumes less space than previous models.
Automatic collection of empty pallets.


Capacity 60 cases/minute
Sheet sizes L W H
Min. 785 432  
Max. 909 574 1650
Pallet sizes L W H
Min. 835 1080 110
Max. 920 1200 110
Air supply 0.5 MPa, 500 NL/min.
Power 3-phase 200V 50/60Hz 6kW
Size change By adjustment
Empty pallet stocking 10 pallets