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RD-R sheet feeder (robotic)

RD-R sheet feeder (robotic)


Mechanical drive enables ultra-fast operation.
High processing capacity and easy size change.
Fully automatic system allows unmanned operation.
Easy to resupply cases.
Can connect to an automatic case feeder for prolonged continuous operation.
Automatic size-change mechanism expedites size changes.
Safety covers extend over the entire machine, operated by cover switches.

Operation Flow

Corrugated sheets, stocked in the magazine section, are pulled in and opened one by one. The inner flaps are automatically folded, and then hot-melt is applied to these flaps as the case is in transport. The outer flaps are folded and the inner and outer flaps are instantly adhered. The case then exits the machine.


Capacity 60 cases/minute
Sheet sizes L W H
Min. 785 432  
Max. 909 574 1650
Pallet sizes L W H
Min. 835 1080 110
Max. 920 1200 110
Air supply 0.5 MPa, 500 NL/min.
Power 3-phase 200V 50/60Hz 6kW
Size change By adjustment
Empty pallet stocking
Empty pallet stocking 10 pallets



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