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CFC-12G Little Former (tape)

CFC-12G Little Former (tape)


The melt-adhesion process uses high-speed cylinders (highly cushioned), offering fast processing and very durable adhesion.
Problems can be easily identified and corrected from the machine's touch panel.

Standard Specifications
Detection of low remaining cases
Detection of box-opening failure
Detection of abnormal sensors
Detection of "downstream full" condition Safety
Safety covers extend over the entire machine

Automatic size change (using presets)
Higher case stocking capacity (150 or 250)
Detection of low remaining melt
Detection of melt application

Operation Flow

Corrugated sheets, stacked vertically in the magazine section, are pulled in and opened one by one. The inner flaps are automatically folded, and then hot-melt is applied to these flaps as the case is in transport. The outer flaps are folded and pressure is applied from the inside, adhering the inner and outer flaps. The case then exits the machine.


Capacity 12 cases/minute
Case sizes L W H
Min. 250 180 100
Max. 500 400 350
Sealing Hot-melt; hot-melt + emulsion
Air consumption 0.5 MPa, 650 NL/min.
Power 3-phase 200V 50/60Hz 4Kw
Size change Adjustment by handle
Case stocking capacity 70 single cases