Creativity and Research & Development

Research and Development

The evolution of packaging is supported
by the latest research and development capabilities.

Research & Development

Changing the future of packaging with unprecedented functions,
materials, and manufacturing technologies

  • As the first company in Japan to become involved in the corrugated business, and lead the industry as a pioneer, Rengo has continued to develop numerous innovative functions, materials, and manufacturing technologies which open up the possibilities of packaging. We support ever-evolving packaging with the latest research and development capabilities, including paperboard production technology that achieves lightweight containerboard; functional corrugated packaging such as water resistance, moisture proofing, fire retardancy, and low friction; and development of adhesives that improve production efficiency.

    • COSREN
      Low friction corrugated board
    • RAFEP
      Fire-retardant corrugated board
  • X-ray CT scanner
    X-ray CT scanner
  • 写真2

Developing a variety of functional materials
beyond packaging to make life comfortable

  • Materials and products created through Rengo’s research and development are also used widely in fields other than packaging. An example includes the high-function fiber Cellgaia with uses such as in antibacterial kitchen cloths. Gaiaphoton—a luminescent phosphor that does not contain any rare earth—is expected to be used in applications such as lighting, cosmetics, and anti-forgery technologies. In addition, we are also working on research into the practical applications of cellulose nanofiber which has gained attention from various industries.

    • Cellgaia
      Product containing Cellgaia
      Antibacterial kitchen cloth
    • Gaiaphoton
      Gaiaphoton zeolite
      Luminescent phosphor
    • Cellulose nanofiber
      Cellulose fiber
      Cellulose nanofiber

Bringing innovation to packaging through research and development
in collaboration with design and manufacturing frontlines

  • To meet high-level needs, it is important to not only develop new functions, but also improve quality from various angles, such as planning, manufacturing, and design. At Rengo, we give birth to many innovative packaging solutions by carrying out research and development while sharing and collaborating on issues with various units.
    • Beverage labels with low environmental impact
      Beverage labels with low environmental impact
      Rengo has developed manufacturing technologies incorporating new technologies and materials such as water-based flexo printing technology, inks made from biomass, and the use of film and so on.
    • Digital pre-printing
      Digital pre-printing
      Rengo has achieved highly-decorative customizable printing with content that can be changed per sheet.
  • Wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer
    Wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer
  • Gas chromatograph
    Gas chromatograph

Pursuing safety and peace of mind is also
the responsibility of a leading company

Rengo—which also offers many packaging products for food and beverages—conducts chemical analysis on material properties, product quality, impact on the environment, and so on. We believe that the pursuit of safety and peace of mind is the responsibility of a leading company, and also work on improving analysis technology.

  • Digital microscope
    Digital microscope
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