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Beautifully wrapped; superior protection

We offer a lineup of flexible packaging, including film packaging, cellophane, and molded packaging, which covers items attractively and offers outstanding protection.

Film packaging and labels

We offer various types of flexible packaging suitable for use with filling machines. We also offer a wide range of shrink and stretch labels for PET and glass bottles.
Film wraps
Film packaging


(BIB) Cleantainer bag-in-box

Strong, protective "bag-in-box" containers consist of an inner plastic bag with a corrugated outer box. Select from various materials and configurations to suit the contents and usage conditions. We offer a full package processing system, including filling machines.
Cleantainer bag-in-box
Cleantainer bag-in-box


An old standard, this transparent wrapping is a cellulose film manufactured from wood pulp. Cellophane is readily biodegradable and is friendly to the environment, emitting no noxious gases even when burned. It remains an ideal wrapping for food items and pharmaceuticals.
Cleantainer bag-in-box

Typical Application

Wrapping medicines(powder type, pills, tablets)
Wrapping foods(confectionaries, powdered soup, dry provisions, etc.)


Easy to split
No harm to burn / biodegradable material
Very clear / No take a charge
Beautiful and fine printing

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