Tri-Wall, synonymous with heavy duty corrugated packaging, becomes a Group company

Tri-Wall, synonymous with heavy duty corrugated packaging, becomes a Group company
-New expansion of Rengo Group's heavy duty corrugated packaging overseas business-

Tri-Wall Group, through its Hong Kong-based main business Tri-Wall Limited, owns global heavy duty corrugated packaging brands including Tri-Wall Pak® and Bi-Wall Pak®, with business extending throughout Asia and Europe. It is the world leader in heavy duty corrugated packaging.
Heavy duty corrugated packaging refers to triple or double wall corrugated board made from high-strength containerboard. It is used for packaging of products including automobile components, aircraft components, electrical machinery, mechanical equipment, electrical components, and glass products. It is also frequently used as packaging for long-distance international shipping. In comparison with regular corrugated packaging, there is much more demand for greater variety/small order size production for heavy duty corrugated packaging, making it a high added-value field requiring sophisticated technological capabilities.


Tri-Wall Group’s heavy duty corrugated packaging has a history of over 60 years, being first produced in the U.S. in 1952. The company’s key product, the triple wall corrugated board Tri-Wall Pak®, met the U.S. Federal Standards, the strictest global standards at the time. By using these standards as the basis for its product quality, the company was able to gain approval in countries worldwide. The company’s heavy duty corrugated packaging boasts outstanding quality in its strength, light weight, weather resistance, cost, environmental friendliness, and work efficiency. Indeed, its high overall quality is unrivaled.


In addition, UN Tri-Wall Pak 11G/X and UN Bi-Wall Pak 4G/X have been approved under United Nations (U.N.) international standards for transportation of dangerous goods. Consequently, their use eliminates the need for formalities to acquire inspection certification for containers for dangerous contents, in accordance with various regulations and standards.


Overview of international standards for shipment of dangerous goods

- In order to facilitate safe shipment, the U.N. has established standards for the classification, packaging, marking, and labeling of dangerous goods.
Standards for transportation via land (road and rail), sea, and air for each country are based on those established by the U.N.
- It is necessary to also meet packaging standards when packing and shipping dangerous goods.
Products which pass testing of packaging in accordance with chapter six of the U.N. Standard are permitted to display the U.N. mark.
In addition, implementation of these tests is only permitted at U.N.-approved facilities.

Significant improvement to work time
and overall cost compared to wooden boxes

Regarding functionality, with wooden boxes, the material usually contains 20–30% water, however the moisture content of Tri-Wall Pak® is a low 8–9%, making it suitable for products susceptible to rust. Furthermore, there is little change in humidity inside the containers, which minimizes potential impact on the contents.
Tri-Wall Pak® is superior to wooden boxes in terms of work, space, and cost efficiency. In addition, the packaging material is folded for delivery, significantly reducing the storage space required. Being light-weight, anybody can easily and quickly perform the work required, greatly shortening the time needed for packing and unpacking.



Tri-Wall Pak® allows for attractive printing the same as regular corrugated boxes. Because the displacement is smaller, and it is lighter than wooden boxes, it allows for significant cost cutting for air freight, where shipping cost is determined by weight. With its smaller displacement, Tri-Wall Pak® also enables cost reduction for sea and land shipment, where costs are determined by volume. Consequently, improvements to overall shipment cost efficiency are possible due to cost reductions for packaging material, storage, and labor, etc.


Global network

The Tri-Wall Group’s global network offers various services to help improve efficiency throughout their customers’ international supply chains.
For example, knock-down production has become popular in the automobile manufacturing industry in recent years. Under this system of global procurement and production, the engine may be Thai, the chassis from the Philippines, and assembly may be done in China. The Tri-Wall Group provides a one-stop service that meets the packaging needs of customers. In addition, by conducting regular inspection of transported automobile components, the company is able to maintain a high level of product protection and to reduce the risk of breakage during shipment.
Also, to ensure safer overseas shipment of products, they offer an international follow-up system. Under this system, actual products are packaged and shipped abroad as a test in advance to ensure their safety. Feedback is then obtained from the destination, and Tri-Wall Group packaging engineers conduct hearings and provide reports. Details of their proposal are then examined based upon this report, whereby it is possible to redesign the packaging to enhance precision and thus ensure a more secure logistics environment.

Major synergistic effect of incorporation into the Group

Because of the different applications for heavy duty and regular corrugated packaging, demand for them stems from different fields. As packaging needs become increasingly diverse and globalized, integration of the products, technologies, and human resources of the Rengo Group and Tri-Wall Group can help Rengo Group to provide new heavy duty corrugated packaging to its customers, and allow Tri-Wall Group to offer its customers the large variety of packaging solutions from Rengo. The company will leverage the significant synergy of this relationship and hopes that customers will enjoy the great benefits.
In addition, Rengo Group will be able to further utilize its global human resources and advance its global business structure as a General Packaging Industry (GPI) by leveraging the achievements and experience of Tri-Wall Group, which is a global company that operates worldwide.

Aiming to become the world’s number one General Packaging Industry

By organically linking the global network and management resources of Tri-Wall Group with the overall strength of Rengo Group and thereby creating great synergy, Rengo Group will be able to enhance its corrugated packaging business and overseas business structure, and also strengthen the earnings base for its hexagonal business structure.
In Vision110, which anticipates the 110th anniversary (in 2019) of the company’s founding, Rengo Group proclaims its aim to become the world number one General Packaging Industry. This implies that the company will establish a system in Japan and abroad that can integrate everything from the procurement of materials for packaging, through to logistics and packaging, in response to all packaging needs. This integration of Tri-Wall Group into Rengo Group will make a major contribution towards achieving these goals. It will also further enhance the overall strength of GPI Rengo in providing for a wider range of user needs.

Tri-Wall Group overview

Holding company

Tri-Wall Holdings Limited (British Cayman Islands)

Capital 9,268 million yen (as of December 2016)
Consolidated sales 23,956 million yen (as of December 2016)
Main business Manufacture and sale of heavy duty packaging materials
Business locations

Group headquarters: Tri-Wall Limited (Hong Kong)
5 corrugating plants (China, Thailand, UK)
76 converting plants (Asia, Europe, Middle East, U.S.)

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Tri-Wall Group main products

Tri-Wall Group produces superior packaging materials not found elsewhere. The company’s products have many outstanding features and boast many achievements in heavy duty industrial packaging materials and export packaging materials.


Light and strong. Heavy duty industrial packaging materials highly-regarded worldwide.

-Tri-Wall Pak トライウォール・パック

Tri-Wall Pak
(triple wall corrugated board/box)

Bi-Wall Pak
(double wall corrugated board/box)


Safe, secure packaging material for dangerous goods.

-UN Tri-Wall Pak


UN Tri-Wall Pak (triple wall)

UN Bi-Wall Pak (double wall)


Stronger, longer-lasting. Returnable transport case for two-way logistics

-Uni-Pak Uni-Pak(ユニパック)

Transport case with improved strength.

-Uni-Pak X corrugated plastic sleeve


Ultra-high heat insulation, varied temperature setting

-ECO Uni-Pak® Neo-medi



ECO Uni-Pak Neo-medi