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SP-2000 Ultra-High-Speed Wraparound Caser (for cans)

SP-2000 Ultra-High-Speed Wraparound Caser (for cans)


The "SP-2000" wraparound caser provides high-speed can packing. Its original paper feeding and tucking mechanisms enable production runs of 200 cases per minute, offering excellent productivity. The "SP-2000" is the fastest blank-sheet-forming caser currently available for recently popular 12-packs, and it corresponds to a 2000-can filler. It supports multiple can types and different pack counts.
Typical Application:Canned beverages

Operation Flow

(1) Product supply conveyor
(2) Product grouping

Bottles enter alignment guide and are then separated and grouped by the starwheels.


(3) Sheet magazine
Corrugated sheets, which are stacked above, are fed into the machine by a rotary feeder.
(4) Case forming
A rotary folder folds the sheet into a semi-formed carton, and sets the result into a bucket.


(5) Product insertion
A loading belt loads the product into the carton.


(6) Sealing
A rotary tuckers fold in the inner flaps. The top panel and glue area are tucked into place, hot-melt is applied, and the outer flaps are then tucked into place.


(7) Crimping and Ejection
The crimping belt crimps the top and sides, and the finished case is ejected.



Capacity Max. 200 cases/minute (12 cans/case),
or 100 cases/minute (24 cans/case)
Case size L W H
Min. 270 206 100
Max. 402 279 175
Sealing Hot-melt adhesion
Power 3-phase 200V 50/60Hz 35kW
Size change Adjustment by handle.
(No need to replace parts or use special tools.)
Options Automatic size change; support for 53-mm can diameter; tray support; hopper feeder; infeed conveyor for four 6-can packs; automatic sheet feeder; product palletizer



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