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RC Series Multi-type filling machines

RC Series Multi-type filling machines


Multipurpose system saves space.
Supports multiple bottle types.
Easy setup changes.
Handles high-viscosity fluids.
1) Air cleaning of bottles
2) Filling
3) Insertion of bottle stoppers
4) Cap screwing and cap pressure insertion
5) Options
(1) Hot filling
(2) Two-liquid filling
(3) Cap screwer with automatic torque control


Fill qty Max.850ml
Rate 50-60 bottles/min.
(with 6 nozzles, for 500-ml water filling)
Precision Within±1.0 ml (for 500-ml water filling)
Fill fluids Handles a wide range of viscosities.
Bottles Shapes Round, angular, and flat.
(or width)
Round, angular, and flat.
Height 120-240mm
Caps Screw caps, overcaps, stoppers,
pump caps,trigger caps.



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