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Requests to Our Suppliers

We ask that our Suppliers strive to achieve the following in their business activities:


Compliance with the laws and regulations of countries and territories in which business activities are carried out (anti-trust legislation, laws concerning subcontracting, labor, protection of personal information, etc.)


Respect for fundamental human rights and promotion of safe and congenial working environments free of forced or excessive labor, child labor, and discrimination of any kind.

3. Consideration for environmental conservation, among other things, through conservation of energy and resources.
4. Procurement of raw materials with little stress on the environment, and little impact on the global environment and biodiversity.

Establishment of supply arrangements excelling in quality, price and delivery, and which can continue to deliver in times of disaster or other unforeseen situations.

6. Compliance with our Procurement Policy for Wood Pulp.
7. Understanding and cooperation with our Conflict Minerals Policy.
8. No bribes to any of our purchasing staff, nor the provision of any entertainment or gifts beyond socially accepted norms.
9. Promotion of the above requests with regard to your own suppliers.