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Rengo puts forward proposals for complete, highly cost effective packaging, and undertakes development of energy-saving and resource-efficient manufacturing methods and waste recycling technology.

Environmentally-friendly C-flute

A-flute corrugated board, with a flute height of approximately 5mm, is currently the most common type used in Japan. The flute height of C-flute corrugated board in about 4mm, making it 1mm thinner than A-flute board. The corrugated board is thinner and therefore improves load efficiency and saves on storage space. Rengo is working on research, development and design of eco-friendly products based on a policy of "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle." Illustration

Corrugated Recycles symbol

The Corrugated Recycles symbol is a mark used worldwide as designated by the International Corrugated Case Association. The Rengo Group is actively involved in promotion and education relating to the symbol and has proposed that recyclable products should display the symbol in order to encourage the proper recycling of used corrugated products.
As a result of these efforts, the recovery rate of corrugated board has reached 96.7%* as of 2014.
*Corrugated Packaging Recycling Council
Corrugated Recycles symbol