Collaboration between the Rengo Group and Hung Hing Printing Group

Collaboration has begun between the Rengo Group and Hung Hing Printing Group


Rengo defines itself as a “General Packaging Industry” that actively proposes solutions to fulfill all the packaging needs of various industries through continual innovation. Last year Rengo acquired shares in Hung Hing Printing Group Limited, one of the largest providers of printing and packaging products in South China. Through their strong collaboration, the two companies are working to enhance their packaging businesses within that area.
These two companies representing the packaging industries of Japan and China are joining together in a powerful collaboration to further the growth of Hung Hing Printing Group’s packaging business in Hong Kong and China. This collaboration is a main pillar of Rengo’s overseas business, and will also provide indirect support to the Chinese economy, which will continue to strongly grow in the future.
Hung Hing Printing Group’s packaging business has great latent potential. By adding the full range of expertise that Rengo possesses, it is expected that increased synergies will be generated and extensive growth achieved in line with the growth in the Chinese economy.
The future successes of Rengo and Hung Hing Printing Group will be eagerly anticipated.


The Rengo Group

Rengo’s history is synonymous with the history of corrugated board and packaging in Japan. In the more than 100 years since its establishment, Rengo has evolved into its current state as a “General Packaging Industry.”
As a “General Packaging Industry,” Rengo actively proposes solutions to fulfill all the packaging needs of various industries by enhancing its comprehensive packaging-related capabilities in a wide range of fields, mainly its six core fields (paperboard, corrugated packaging, folding cartons, flexible packaging, heavy duty packaging, and overseas business).
The “G” in “General Packaging Industry” also stands for “globalization” and “growing,” while the “I” includes the notion of “continual innovation.”

Rengo is working to expand its business in the fast growing region of Asia, in order to adapt to the changing global economy. As a business partner in China, it is endeavoring to strengthen cooperation with its long-time close associate, Hung Hing Printing Group, and will strengthen this cooperation in the future as one of the pillars its “General Packaging Industry.”


Hung Hing Printing Group Limited

Hung Hing Printing Group is based in Hong Kong. It is a comprehensive "Printing & Packaging Provider" which carries out business in China in the area of printing, book manufacturing, and packaging.

The company, with a history of over 60 years, has been listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since 1992.

In addition to occupying the top industry position in Hong Kong in the production of children’s picture books, it is one of the world’s leading large manufacturers.

As an exporter of books and printed products mainly to the United States and Europe, the company generates stable profits. Against the background of this profit base, attention is being focused on the packaging industry within China, and it is anticipated that major growth will occur in this field, in line with the future development of the Chinese economy.


Extensive Synergies Born of Collaboration between Two Long-established
Businesses with 100 Year and 60 Year Histories


Globalization has given rise to the free movement of people, goods, money and information across national borders. To respond to this, it has become essential to establish structures that transcend the framework of conventional packaging and deal comprehensively with the full range of customer needs. The Rengo Group and Hung Hing Printing Group will generate increased synergies and enhance comprehensive capabilities of the two groups through bringing together and integrating their strengths in areas including design, logistics, packaging materials for all forms of items (solid, liquid, granular), and packaging systems.
Streamlining and collaboration in overlapping business fields have created synergies and have made possible new business development in areas outside those fields.
We are confident that these changes are helping to strengthen the constitution of the Rengo Group business in China as well as improving the corporate value of Hung Hing Printing Group.


Maximization of Synergies for Both Company Groups



Overview of Hung Hing Printing Group Limited


Shareholders' equity HKD 2,674 million
Main business Printing and book manufacturing, folding cartons, corrugated packaging, and paper trading
Consolidated sales  HKD 2,765 million
(for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2011)

Hong Kong Head Office
Hung Hing Printing Centre 17-19 Dai Hei Street
Tai Po Industrial Estate New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: + 852 2664 8682

Manufacturing facilities

Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Heshan, Wuxi, Zhongshan



Rengo Group and Hung Hing Printing Group Facilities