Message from the Top Management about the Environment and Society


    As the world’s number one General Packaging Industry,
    we will design the future and continue our ceaseless efforts to develop a sustainable society.

    Diligently Addressing Social Issues in All Business Activities

    In April 2019, the Rengo Group marked 110 years since its foundation. Ever since founder Teijiro Inoue manufactured Japan’s first corrugated board in 1909, the Rengo Group has been developing and supplying packaging solutions tailored to the times. We are achieving the targets of Vision110, now in its final year as we celebrate the 110th anniversary of the Group’s foundation, but this does not mean the end of the challenge to become “the world’s number one General Packaging Industry.”
    We set “Less is more.” as the key concept for the Rengo Group’s packaging manufacturing and environmental management with the aims of developing packaging that generates greater value with less resources, taking measures to create environments where each employee can fully demonstrate their capabilities, and have achieved solid outcomes in this regard. “Less is more.” symbolizes the Rengo Group’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives, and we are confident that it will be effective in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are unified international objectives. One of the backbones supporting this is our participation in the United Nations Global Compact. Rengo fully supports this international initiative and has respected its spirit, and we will diligently address the issues newly identified by the SDGs in all of our business activities to contribute to the development of a sustainable society.

    Contributing to the Development of a Sustainable Society

    Toward a Carbon-Free Society
    Cognizant of climate change as a pressing issue, Rengo set a target of halving our CO₂ emissions by 2050 compared to fiscal 1990 in the Rengo Group Environmental Charter, our long-term vision looking ahead to 2050. Japan declared in the Paris Agreement that it will reduce CO₂ emissions by 26% (compared to fiscal 2013) by fiscal 2030, and we have incorporated this into our own medium-term targets.
    To achieve these objectives, we are actively increasing the use of advanced renewable energy such as using solar power for all electrical power needs at the Fukushima-Yabuki Plant during the daytime and installing at the Yashio Mill a woodchip biomass power plant that effectively utilizes construction waste materials generated in the region. We also plan to install a biomass power plant at the Tonegawa Division and further accelerate these initiatives to raise our renewable energy utilization rate to 25% by fiscal 2030.

    Solutions to Labor Shortages and Other Social Issues
    Labor shortages are becoming an increasingly serious social issue, and we are developing new demand with products that contribute to a higher work efficiency at distribution sites for both in-store sales and online commerce. These products include Rengo Smart Display Packaging (RSDP), which can be opened and unpacked with a single action for immediate display of products, and the Gemini Packaging System, which can automatically assemble and pack corrugated boxes based on the size of the contents.
    In addition, Rengo is a creative packaging provider that creates new demand by anticipating market needs such as the introduction of wide-format high-speed digital pre-printing web press and development of PALMIRA, a packaging system that can adjust the width, length and height of packages. We provide comprehensive solutions that address both physical and non-physical needs, contributing to solutions to social issues in the future as well.

    Helping Solve the Problem of Ocean Plastic Waste
    The issue of ocean plastic waste, which raises concerns regarding pollution of the oceans and impacts on ecosystems, is an urgent, global-scale problem. This issue is also closely related to the SDGs, and initiatives by national governments and businesses are accelerating. Rengo has long been involved in the manufacturing and sales of cellulose related products such as cellophane and cellulose beads made from viscose that uses wood pulp as a raw material. These products are made from 100% wood material-derived cellulose and are biodegradable, giving rise to expectations that they can be used as alternatives to plastics.
    To address the issue of ocean plastic waste, Rengo is a managing member of the Clean Ocean Material Alliance established by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Going forward, we will continue our efforts to contribute to solving the ocean plastic waste problem by conducting research and development on and encouraging the widespread adoption of biodegradable materials that revert to nature including oceans and soil.

    Creating an Environment that Fosters Lifetime Careers
    Sources of creativity that generate innovations are a source of strength for each employee. In 2014, Rengo became among the first to embark on work style reforms with a focus on the work-life balance with the aim of improving total factor productivity (TFP). We are aware that measures to address the declining birth rate and providing support for the development of future generations are important issues for business enterprises, and accordingly, we provide support for childcare both systematically and economically by encouraging male employees to take childcare leave, reducing overtime work, paying substantial monetary bonuses when employees have children, and other measures. As a result of these efforts, in 2018 we received Platinum Kurumin certification from the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare as a company that supports employees with children by taking measures on a higher level.
    In April 2019, we made 65 years the mandatory retirement age so that all employees can continue working with enthusiasm and determination while maintaining good health and high motivation. We adopted “lifetime careers” as our slogan and will maintain salaries, bonuses, and other employee benefits even after the age of 60 years so that employees can continue to receive pay raise according to their abilities, and we are proud of this challenging initiative that does not set an age limit system for managerial personnel. Premised on this, we adopted the “Rengo Good Health Declaration” and are making companywide efforts to promote good health. In addition, safe and secure workplaces with minimal physical burdens facilitate work not only by older workers, but also female employees and individuals with disabilities, and this is a foundation of our health and productivity management.
    Productivity is a reflection of each employee’s state of mind. We believe that working actively and leading a vigorous lifestyle throughout one’s life leads to the development and growth of the company.

    To be a Company That Grows with Society Over Time

    Being the world’s number one General Packaging Industry does not simply mean being the largest in terms of size. It means being the best corporate group within the packaging industry from the perspective of our customers.
    To achieve this, we need to anticipate changes and pursue a form as a packaging provider that designs the future and develops new markets. It is essential that we enhance our comprehensive capabilities through various collaboration in Japan and overseas, with group companies and with society with regard to physical aspects including manufacturing and non-physical aspects such as creativity. By doing this, we will be able to design the future.
    Through creation of new packaging value, and becoming the world’s leading corporate group in our field, with the most passion, we will continue our ceaseless efforts to support logistics and prosperous lifestyles and create an ever-better and sustainable society.

    Taking on the Challenge to Become the World’s No. 1 General Packaging Industry

    Establish domestic and overseas systems that can provide advanced packaging solutions and supply chains responding to all packaging needs and integrate processes from procurement of packaging material, to distribution and packing.
    Aim to excel in quality improvement and cost reduction through innovation in manufacturing technologies, and build a system where people can focus on manufacturing safely at plants with good working environments.
    Thoroughly investigate ways to utilize information communication technologies (such as IoT and M2M) to make efficient manufacturing processes, logistics, and the supply chain, and at the same time anticipate the needs of customers arising from IoT to create next- generation added value.
    Aim to be a corporation where diverse individuals could maximize their unique potential.