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  • Rengo Group Environmental Charter

    Fundamental Philosophy

    Rengo group considers the carrying out of business with consideration to conserving the global environment as indispensable to the group's sustainable development, and thus endeavors to continually undertake environmental conservation activities.

    Fundamental Policy

    Observance of Environment Related Laws
    Rengo group endeavors to observe all laws, regulations and protocols relating to the environment, and actively carries out environmental conservation activities to further reduce environmental impacts.

    Promotion of Global Warming Countermeasures
    Rengo group actively promotes Green New Deal through energy conservation and utilization of new energies, targeting to halve the CO₂ emissions by 2050 compared to 1990 levels.

    Promoting Effective Use of Resources
    Rengo group endeavors to advance its technology for using waste paper, promote recycling and effective use of waste paper resources in order to contribute to a creation of recycling-oriented society.

    Curbing Waste Generation and Promoting Effective Use of Waste
    Rengo group endeavors to curb waste generation and reduce volume of final disposed waste through reuse and recycle.

    Research, Development and Supply of Environmentally Low-Impact Packaging
    As a packaging solutions company, Rengo group endeavors to research and develop environmentally low-impact packaging and supply environmentally friendly packaging.

    Promotion of Environmentally Friendly Materials Procurement and Production Activities
    Rengo group endeavors to procure environmentally friendly materials while actively reducing environmental impact of production activities.

    Promotion of Environmentally Friendly Activities at Overseas Operations
    Rengo group endeavors to observe the environmental regulations of each country in which its overseas operations conduct activities and take proper measures to conserve the environment in the region.

    Promotion through Public Relations, Awareness Activities and Social Activities
    Rengo group promotes raising environmental awareness through public relations and awareness activities, actively participating in and supporting regional and community environmental conservation activities.

    Established on April 12, 2009